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Palestinians are in for "another difficult four years" as a result of the weakness of the Democratic Party platform's statement on the conflict between Israel and Palestine, says Jim Zogby, the president of the Arab American Institute and a Bernie Sanders delegate appointed to the Democratic Party platform committee, in this Burning Issues video.

The platform language in some respects is an improvement over previous platform statements, Zogby says, "but you can't call for two states and not talk about the problems that inhibit [the establishment of] two states," including the Israel occupation of Palestinian territory.

"If you can't criticize Israel, you are never going to break the logjam to move this forward," Zogby said.

Zogby adds that there is broad political support among Jews and non-Jews for a more just solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict. Zogby suggests that the progressive movement should "look beyond November" and get more deeply involved in the Democratic Party mechanisms – running for office and competing for delegate positions – so that in 2020 "the party establishment will be progressives."

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