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In the final segment of the Burning Issues video series, Robert Borosage, co-director of the Campaign for America's Future, presents a challenge to progressive leadership to continue the debate on foreign and domestic policy opened up by Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign.

Action to keep that debate going is essential, he says, because "what we need is a fundamental reassessment of what we're doing" on areas that range from our military engagements in the Middle East to our global trade policies, "and what we're getting instead is a campaign of insults instead of a campaign of ideas."

What is clear in this election, he continues, is that "people don't want the establishment that has failed us over the past years to continue the course that they are on. They are looking for an alternative, and what [Bernie] Sanders offered with his integrity and with his argument was the beginnings of a movement that in fact can be built on and can help change this course."

"We had a beginning with the Sanders insurgency," Borosage says. Grassroots organizers, candidates and concerned citizens "have to keep building on that and building on that."

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