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The Climate Mood Is Grim, Folks

The Climate Mood Is Grim, Folks

I listen to a lot of very heavy Doom Metal music, and let me tell you - it feels a lot more hopeful than what our most insightful climate writers have to say right now.  Their mood is grim, folks. They fear the game of life is up. But there is one thing that unites...
Iowa Farmers Need A Green New Deal

Iowa Farmers Need A Green New Deal

My name is Nick Schutt. I’m a third-generation farmer from Hardin County, Iowa, and here’s why I support the Green New Deal. Factory farms and corporate agribusiness are bad for our planet, bad for our climate, bad for farmers, bad for rural communities, bad for all...

It's Green and It's a New Deal

I’m from Lone Tree, Iowa - a town of about 1,300 in the eastern part of our state. Our Senator, Joni Ernst, has attacked the Green New Deal multiple times. She says it’s “radical,” “It will destroy jobs,” “It will hinder our strong ag industry,” and “It’s a far-left...

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