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MORNING MESSAGE Sam Pizzigati Are America’s Rich Getting Tired of Winning? The obituaries for Paul Volcker, the former Federal Reserve chair who died December 8 at age 92, almost all echoed a noble, even heroic narrative. Between 1979 and 1987, Volcker’s bold and...

Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE Holly Otterbein People’s Action Endorses Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders has won the endorsement of People’s Action, a coalition of 40 progressive groups that said it represents more than 1 million members in key early-voting states and others...

Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE Thom Hartmann How America Broke Up With The Democratic Party Many grassroots Democrats separated from their party in the 1990s, and the 2020 election may be the last chance to save the marriage. Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected four times to the...

Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE Tim Wilkins The New Know-Nothings And Why We Must Impeach Trump’s America feels more and more like the 1850s, when our country’s violent anti-immigrant movement was born. Anti-Catholic mobs, alarmed by a rapid influx of poor immigrants from Germany,...

Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE Rev. Susan K. Williams Smith What Trump And The GOP Learned From Obama As President Trump’s impeachment unspools, news coverage is buzzing about conspiracy theories and geopolitical rivalries. But at the root of Trump’s effort to extort Ukraine was a...

Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE Jeff Bryant Charter Schools’ Billion-Dollar Fraud Stinks Worse Than We Thought When members of Congress repeatedly confronted U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos about a study finding the federal government’s charter school grant program had wasted...

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