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MORNING MESSAGE Suzette Brooks Masters To Win On Immigration, We Have To Lead With Love A massive wave of immigration has transformed our country over the last fifty years. We’re up to 14 percent foreign-born, which is near a historic high. And immigration now touches...

Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE Sarah Anderson Congress Needs To End War Profiteering Now The prospect of war with Iran is terrifying. Experts predict as many as a million people could die if the current tensions lead to a full-blown war. Millions more would become refugees across...

Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE Miles Mogulescu Wake Up, Democrats. Bomb-‘Em-All Bolton Won’t Help Impeachment Democrats seem thrilled that John Bolton – a leading neoconservative, an advocate of bombing Iran and North Korea, and, briefly, Trump’s National Security advisor – has said...

Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE Jeff Bryant Have Democrats Changed Course On Charters? Education has been mostly ignored in previous presidential elections, and the topic had not come up for serious discussion among the candidates in televised debates prior to the Public Education...

Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE Sam Pizzigati Are America’s Rich Getting Tired of Winning? The obituaries for Paul Volcker, the former Federal Reserve chair who died December 8 at age 92, almost all echoed a noble, even heroic narrative. Between 1979 and 1987, Volcker’s bold and...

Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE Holly Otterbein People’s Action Endorses Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders has won the endorsement of People’s Action, a coalition of 40 progressive groups that said it represents more than 1 million members in key early-voting states and others...

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