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MORNING MESSAGE Tom Conway Corporate Spies Keep An Eye On Organized Labor Google’s computers are spying on its workers. Anytime a Google employee uses an online calendar to schedule a meeting involving more than 100 co-workers, management gets an alert—a great way for...

Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE Robert Borosage Warren Won’t Back Down On Medicare For All When Elizabeth Warren was criticized for not detailing how she would pay for Medicare for All, most pundits assumed she would duck and cover. M4A is Bernie Sanders’s signature legislation, but...

Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE Mehrdad Azemun How We Can Breathe Life Back Into Democracy Many people hate the word “politics.” They equate it with corruption, greed and the consolidation of unchecked power. And the U.S. Presidential race only magnifies these feelings and...

Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE Jeff Bryant Striking Teachers Are Fighting For Much More Than Paychecks While national news outlets hail the conclusion of a historic teacher strike in Chicago, another important story often overlooked by national reporters is the ongoing struggle to...

Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE Sam Pizzigati Can Bloomberg Buy The White House? Michael Bloomberg’s first term as the mayor of New York began after the billionaire spent an incredible $74 million to get himself elected. He spent, in effect, $99 for every vote he received. Now...

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