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MORNING MESSAGE Why America Needs a Public Credit Registry For many Americans, the words “bad credit” are like the sound of a closing door. That’s because there’s a deeply harmful, but seldom-spoken, truth about credit reporting: It ruins lives, and crushes hopes....

Stacey Abrams Goes Deep For Democracy

Stacey Abrams is right not to concede. The Georgia Democrat, who hoped to become the state’s first Black governor, acknowledged that while she will no longer directly challenge Republican Brian Kemp for the office, she will fight as a private citizen to hold him...

Hometowns Rise Up To Support Separated Families

All across America, residents of rural communities and small towns are stepping up to stand in solidarity with immigrant families and refuse the intimidation and fear the Trump administration wants to use to keep them apart. “It’s really concerning that in America, we...

Protests Nationwide Demand End to Family Separations

Tens of thousands of protesters converged in Washington, DC on Saturday to demand an end to the separation and detention of migrant families. The action capped a week of protests which continue to grow nationwide. “I see myself in these migrants – I see their...

How I Met Detained Minors on My Flight to McAllen

I first saw them sitting as a group in Terminal B at Dallas International Airport. Clean-cut young teens in matching sweatsuits – must be a volleyball team from a private middle school, I thought. They looked weary, but so was I – we’d just found out...

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