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Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE Jeremy Saunders There’s No Turning Back New York’s Wave Of Justice A blue wave surged across New York State last November, as voters elected true progressives to represent them in Albany. Almost as soon as this new generation of young progressives took...

Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE Mehrdad Azemun Continuing our series of wins for grassroots people power, People’s Action celebrated another milestone for movement politics in Denver last week. Colorado People’s Action’s (CPA) endorsed candidate Candi CdeBaca ran an insurgent...

Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE Jerad Halcott I’m Living Proof The CARE Act Will Save Lives To save lives from our opioid epidemic, we have to meet drug users where they are. I know: I’m living proof. My name is Jerad Walcott, and I live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. At ten, I...

Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE Reggie Griffin Why I Chose To Die In Front Of The AMA I never expected to “die” in front of a roomful of doctors. Much less in front of the annual meeting of the American Medical Association, in my hometown of Chicago. But that’s where I found myself,...

Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE Jeff Bryant Pennsylvania Charter Schools Are A Dumpster Fire Few if any presidential candidates seem willing to acknowledge providing families with an option to choose charter schools comes with crushing costs to everyone else in the community. In...

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