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MORNING MESSAGE Steven Rosenfeld Will Nevada Accurately Count Early Votes? As early voting began in Nevada’s 2020 Democratic presidential caucus, thousands of people had to wait for two hours or more before voting. The bottleneck was due to a shortage of preprogrammed...

Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE Jeff Bryant How Corporations Force Their Way Into America’s Public Schools   In the expanding effort to privatize the nation’s public education system, an ominous, less-understood strain of the movement is the corporate influence in Career and...

Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE Steven Rosenfeld Can Nevada Avoid A Vote-Count Meltdown? As Nevada prepares for 2020 Democratic Party presidential caucuses after four days of early voting, the big question is will there be breakdowns in the reporting and counting of votes that echo...

Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE Tom Conway Facing Retirement With Fear Glen Heck spent 28 years sweating in a Campti, La., paper mill that he likes to say was “hotter than nine kinds of hell.” The Democratic-controlled House passed—with bipartisan support — a commonsense plan to save...

Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE Steven Rosenfeld NH Students Fight Voter Suppression With Turnout By 3:30 p.m. on Election Day 2020, as several town officials stood behind tables in the gym where a trickle of people fed hand-marked paper ballots into an Accu-Vote scanner, a few...

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