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Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE The Nation’s Editorial Board Joe Biden: An Anti-Endorsement Vigorous public debate is the best way for the strongest progressive platform to reach and be embraced by a majority of voters. Progressives may not agree with centrist Democrats like...

Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE Sam Pizzigati Inequality And The Iron Law Of Decaying Public Services Fires are raging everywhere in California these days, and firefighters are having enormous trouble keeping up. Chronically understaffed local fire departments simply don’t have the...

Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE Laurel Wales Turning States A Bolder Shade Of Blue Regina Romero – an environmental activist committed to co-governing with the People’s Action affiliate group LUCHA (Living United For Change In Arizona) – made history Tuesday night by becoming...

Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE Tom Conway A Star-Spangled Knockoff America’s manufacturing sector has been decimated, and NAFTA and China’s unfair trade practices are major culprits. NAFTA encouraged greedy American corporations to move U.S. manufacturing and jobs to Mexico: many...

Progressive Breakfast

MORNING MESSAGE Tim Wilkins Sanders Rallies The 99 Percent In New Hampshire “The one percent in this country is very powerful – no ifs, ands or maybes. But you know what? The 99 percent, when we stand together, is even more powerful. With these words, Sen. Bernie...

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