We Need To Build

Watch Chris Matthews, “We need to build!”: (thanks Open Left) And, again, Frank Sobotka:

Now Republicans Must Deliver JOBS

The election is over and it was about one thing: jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs. Democrats didn’t deliver enough jobs so they got tossed. That pretty much sums it up. […]

Alan Greenspan and Things Forgotten

Ah, the things we forget. This was then: Federal Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan greenlighted the Bush tax cuts, saying that Clinton was paying down the country’s debt too fast as […]

About Voting

Polls show that a significant number of people who might be on “our side” are not going to bother to vote. Some are even switching sides. The big corporations and […]

Winning The Race To The Bottom

Conservative policies have propelled us into a global race to the bottom. Conservatives can take pride: we’re winning! “Free trade” — moving factories across borders to evade the protections of […]

G-20 On Currency — Maybe In November

The G-20 is trying to calm fears of a currency war and will take up currency problems again when leaders meet in November. Bloomberg: G-20 to Avoid `Competitive Devaluation,’ Prod […]

Vote For Jobs

Visit the “I’m Voting For…” campaign Should you vote? Does your vote matter? If you care about jobs, your vote really, really matters this time. If the Tea Party wave […]

Erie PA Town Hall Tonite

I’ll be in Erie, PA to cover a “Keep It Made In America” Town Hall this evening. If you are in the Erie, PA area, tonight’s event will be at […]

Making Sense Making It In America

Editor’s Note: We’re publishing a series of “Making Sense” fact sheets on key economic issues to help you win the debate on the core issues facing middle-class families. Each fact […]

Conservative Policy = Bad Jobs Report

The September jobs report is out and conservatives got exactly what they wanted: less government, less stimulus, less aid to states, less help for small businesses, less infrastructure investment, less […]

Infrastructure Jobs Repeat And Amplify

Just a short note here, to repeat and amplify what Krugman said: And right now, by any rational calculation, would be an especially good time to improve the nation’s infrastructure. […]

Its The Lack Of Demand Stupid

In the 1992 campaign the Clinton War Room had a famous sign that read, “It’s the economy, stupid!” This meant that the central theme of the campaign was the economy. […]

How Free Trade Led To Currency War

President Lyndon Johnson is said to have commented that the press is like birds sitting on a telephone line. When one flies away, they all fly away. This week they […]

More Consensus On Confronting China

A new example today of the consensus that has formed on confronting China’s trade practices: At the America’s Fiscal Choices conference today economists Paul Krugman, Martin Feldstein and Jan Hatzius […]

Is There A Currency War

Is there a currency war going on? Yes, it has been going on for some time. It’s up to China to end it. China has taken a number of steps […]
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