Budget Choice Govern Or Gut

Demanding bold solutions to today’s jobs crisis.Read the series » Register for The Summit on Jobs & America’s Future » Governing for We, the People, or gutting for the benefit […]

Republicans Are CUTTING Jobs Programs

The country has been waiting for the promised action on jobs and unemployment since the new Congress came in. Nothing yet. We’ve had the show-vote on health care, we’ve had […]

Jobs No Narrow Rape Definition Yes

The new Congress was elected by promising things to voters, but now in office they are doing different things. It is as if they said what they needed to say […]

Balance Trade—Make Jobs

Summary Our present severe recession, though officially over, lends urgency to tackling U.S. trade issues. Without the announcement effect of a trade bill, manufacturers will continue to shutter factories and […]

The Chamber Of Commerce Is Anti-Business

President Obama is speaking today to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The press is reporting this as an effort to be “pro-business,” to “patch up” relations with business, to “reach […]

Jobs Los Angeles 3010 Initiative

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has been pushing what he calls the 30/10 Initiative. The idea is simple: take all of local transportation projects around the country that are planned […]

Democracy or Plutocracy A Chart

DEMOCRACY PLUTOCRACY We, the People Wealthy Few One Person One Vote One Dollar One Vote Government Limited Government Majority Supermajority Information Propaganda Taxes on the Wealthy Tax Cuts for the […]

Odd Jobs Report

Today’s monthly jobs report was odd. There were few new jobs, but the unemplopyment rate dropped again as even more people gave up looking for work. This month they blame […]

The Buffett Balanced-Trade Idea

I want to bring attention to a post today,Balance Trade—Make Jobs, by Bill Parks. In the post Parks writes about the harm being caused by our trade imbalances: The U.S. […]

Social Security Fight Not Over

Last night, the President pledged to improve Social Security “without putting at risk current retirees” and “without slashing benefits for future generations.” With the State of the Union speech out […]

The China Currency Battle

As Chinese President Hu Jintao visits Washington one subject being discussed is China’s currency manipulation. China keeps its currency “weak” because it mean goods made in China have a huge […]

Filibuster Make Them Talk

The Senate is considering reforming the rules for filibusters. In the last few years the filibuster has been used so frequently that it is now conventional wisdom that “it takes […]

Why No Right To A Job

Note: See also Isaiah Poole’s We Need An Unemployed People’s Campaign Why don’t we all have a right to a job? Who is our country and our economy for? The […]

Trade Deficit Lower But

Good news: Trade Deficit in U.S. Unexpectedly Narrows to 10-Month Low The U.S. trade deficit unexpectedly shrank in November as growing global demand and a weaker dollar help boost overseas […]

A Great Healing Speech

Thank you, Mr. President.. You can watch the President’s speech at the memorial in Tuscon here: Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Pension Envy

Since the 80s many employers have stopped offering health care, pensions and other benefits to their employees. Many are also cutting pay and hours, while increasing the workload. So more […]

Tea Party Betrayed On Spending Cuts

The Tea Party membership is being set up for yet another huge betrayal by the DC Republican establishment. The members had very clear expectations that specific spending cuts would fix […]
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