Taxes = Democracy

Watch this interview on taxes. Watch how fast the argument against taxing the wealthy turns into an argument against democracy. Below is a Wednesday Newshour with Richard Epstein of the […]

Jobs – Still The #1 National Emergency

We are in an absolute national jobs emergency and everyone outside of Washington, DC understands this. But if you read the DC-oriented press, you would think that the “issue” of […]

NLRB v Boeing Corporations Fear Law Itself

The National Labor Relations Board is attempting to enforce our country’s laws and the corporate conservatives are going nuts – literally. They are challenging the concept of law itself, while […]

China Currency Fight In Congress

The fight to get China to stop their currency manipulation is heating up. China keeps its currency very low, giving their goods a huge price advantage even before all their […]

Five Biggest Right-Wing Lies About Solyndra

Oil-backed conservatives have been absolutely ecstatic over the collapse of American solar-power company Solyndra and the rise of China as the dominant country in green energy, because they think they […]

Buy American

Take a look at the agenda of the upcoming Take Back The American Dream Conference. There is a session on Tuesday titled, Strategy on State Level for Buy America Campaign. […]
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