First Step Toward A Win-Win

President Obama has taken a step in the right direction with his speech and jobs plan. It was a small step – but it has to be to present Republicans […]

On China Did Huntsman Blame America First

In last night’s Republican Presidential debate, former US Ambassador to China and Presidential candidate Jon Huntsman was asked about Gov. Mitt Romney’s call to confront China over their trade policies. […]

Romney Right On China

One part of Mitt Romney’s “Jobs Plan” is worth pointing out and commending: he is right when it comes to China. Romney calls for steps to make China “play be […]

Transportation Bill Actually Not Boring

“Transportation Bill Actually Not Boring” is actually not a headline from the Onion. President Obama today urged House Republicans to please not let the “Surface Transportation Bill” expire at the […]

So You Want To Talk About Jobs

Before leaving on vacation President Obama said he is going to talk about creating jobs in September. The latest word is he will give this speech next week. Campaign for […]

Three Charts To Email To Your Right-Wing Brother-In-Law

Your right-wing brother-in-law is plugged into the Fox-Limbaugh lie machine, and keeps sending you emails about "Obama spending" and "Obama deficits" and how the "Stimulus" just made things worse. Here are three reality-based charts to send to him.

Heres A Deficit To Worry About

Washington is in a Fox News tizzy about budget deficits. But even though the budget deficits were clearly caused by tax cuts for the rich, huge military spending increases and […]

Deltas Greed Helps Shut Down The FAA

You probably don’t know that another act of hostage-taking by Republicans is underway. They have shut down the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to help Delta Airlines in its battle to […]

Dont Let Extortion Beat Democracy

The country has been held at gunpoint: a faction of the Congress, in service to a wealthy elite, were able to get away with threatening us, saying “give us everything […]

A Bipartisan Move Against Democracy

Step back from the day-to-day, hour-to-hour details of the debt-ceiling negotiations for a minute and look at the bigger picture. Look what we’re in the middle of. Our legislators are […]

Will American Majority Outnumber Gang Of 6

Our deficit and debt came from cutting taxes on the rich and big corporations, increasing military spending and sweetheart deals with big pharma and health insurance companies. Elite “solutions” always […]

The Peoples Budget Is The Template

The debt limit has been reached. The President should be demanding a “clean” debt ceiling bill instead of letting hostage-takers force negotiations over their ransom. For deficit reduction The People’s […]

Can US Hold Corporations Accountable Anymore

In the UK the News-Of-The-World/News Corp/Murdoch scandal seems to be reawakening democracy. A big, powerful corporation has been found to be engaged in criminal activity, manipulating news, paying off police […]

Lessons From Greed

Conservatives say greed is a good thing. But the lessons of history, religion, philosophy, psychology and even biology say it is not. I am visiting England this week.  Today I’m […]

How Is British Austerity Working Out

The conservative government in England is trying austerity. They are using the shock-doctrine tactic of drumming up public hysteria over bad news – in this case the financial collapse and […]

Trade Deficit Blows Up

There was (yet more) bad economic news this morning. Reuters: US trade deficit grows to 31-month high. While oil takes part of the blame, the problem is not all oil: […]

Debt-Ceiling Deals Cuts Could Crash Economy

Negotiating with crazy people is always a bad idea and negotiating with hostage-takers is dangerous. But negotiating with crazy hostage-takers is worse than dangerously bad. The “debt-ceiling” deal being negotiated […]
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