Verizon Fires 40 Workers From Strike

Verizon has fired 40 workers who took part in the strike this summer, saying they engaged in misconduct. Union leaders say this is a “heavy-handed” negotiating tactic to push for […]

The iWont Campaign

Companies that take away middle-class jobs should not be rewarded. Verizon’s workers are asking people to buy or upgrade Verizon iPhones only when Verizon gives workers a fair deal and […]

Verizon Workers To Join #OWS Friday

Tomorrow (Friday) as many as 1,000 Verizon workers will march with Occupy Wall Street in a protest against Verizon corporate greed. Verizon’s workers are engaged in “save the middle class” […]

Buy American – Shop American

One thing you can do to help bring back American jobs is look for goods made in America when you shop. People are tired of going into stores and seeing […]

A Quick Word About Deficits

I just wanted to say a few quick things about deficits and the “super committee.” 1) Never forget that 11 years ago we had a huge budget surplus and were […]

Big Day Of Action Around The Country

A government that says corporate money is “speech” dispatches lines of police to stop actual human-being citizens from actually speaking out. It’s all right there in front of us: Wall […]

Government Shutdowns Get The 1 What They Want

A while back I was writing about the Republican threat of a government-wide shutdown, and the two-week Federal Aviation Administration shutdown (and Delta Airlines’ anti-union role in that). The shutdown […]

The Republican Economic Anti-Government Argument

Haley Barbour articulated Republican economic thinking yesterday, saying “government sucks money out of the economy.” Apparently he thinks it puts tax money under a big mattress. During yesterday’s Clinton Global […]

Its The Trade Deficit

A huge part of the reason we can’t get out of this unemployment slump is the trade deficit. We don’t buy American and neither do our “trade partners.” We buy […]

Occupy Movement Is Spreading And Growing

Our captured government won’t do its job. It doesn’t keep Wall Street and banks and giant corporations from ripping us off and doesn’t prosecute them after they do. It doesn’t […]

Republican Candidate Manufacturing Forum

After a decade of Republican policies that dearly cost the country’s manufacturing sector, Republican Presidential candidates today offered ideas for reviving our country’s jobs engine. Unfortunately those ideas are the […]
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