The Republican Economic Anti-Government Argument

Haley Barbour articulated Republican economic thinking yesterday, saying “government sucks money out of the economy.” Apparently he thinks it puts tax money under a big mattress. During yesterday’s Clinton Global […]

Its The Trade Deficit

A huge part of the reason we can’t get out of this unemployment slump is the trade deficit. We don’t buy American and neither do our “trade partners.” We buy […]

Occupy Movement Is Spreading And Growing

Our captured government won’t do its job. It doesn’t keep Wall Street and banks and giant corporations from ripping us off and doesn’t prosecute them after they do. It doesn’t […]

Republican Candidate Manufacturing Forum

After a decade of Republican policies that dearly cost the country’s manufacturing sector, Republican Presidential candidates today offered ideas for reviving our country’s jobs engine. Unfortunately those ideas are the […]

Is A Flat Tax Fair

Conservatives are always pushing for a “flat tax.” It sounds so simple: One easy rate, so we all pay the same, easy to calculate… Get rid of deductions and lower […]

Why You Should Attend An Occupy Meeting

Please forward this to friends, relatives, “centrists” and conservatives you know. You may have heard about the “Occupy” protests that are occurring in cities around the country. They aren’t what […]

Taxes = Democracy

Watch this interview on taxes. Watch how fast the argument against taxing the wealthy turns into an argument against democracy. Below is a Wednesday Newshour with Richard Epstein of the […]

Jobs – Still The #1 National Emergency

We are in an absolute national jobs emergency and everyone outside of Washington, DC understands this. But if you read the DC-oriented press, you would think that the “issue” of […]

NLRB v Boeing Corporations Fear Law Itself

The National Labor Relations Board is attempting to enforce our country’s laws and the corporate conservatives are going nuts – literally. They are challenging the concept of law itself, while […]

China Currency Fight In Congress

The fight to get China to stop their currency manipulation is heating up. China keeps its currency very low, giving their goods a huge price advantage even before all their […]
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