Ellison: No Deal on Basic Security

Upon rumors of purported “grand bargain” including $400 billion in cuts to Medicare, Social Secuirty and Medicaid, Rep. Keith Ellision. the leader of the House Progressive Caucus, just said NO: […]
Robert Borosage

Boehner Really In The Hot Seat On Hurricane Sandy Aid

Originally posted at Capital Gains and Games. I first posted about the budget dilemma Hurricane Sandy presented to congressional Republicans in general and House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) on October 31. At that time I said there were three questions. The questions are now starting to be answered.
Stan Collender

World Net Daily Panics Over Class War Website

An extremist website called World Net Daily says that the Campaign For America’s Future, where I am a Senior Fellow, is “radical.” They’re worked up about our Wage Class War […]
Richard Eskow

What ‘Grand Bargainers’ Simpson and Bowles Really Stand For

There has been a lot of discussion about Congress enacting a “grand bargain” during the lame duck session of Congress. Many members of Congress have talked about using the plan put forward by Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles as an outline for a “balanced” approach to deficit reduction.

CNBC Host: Sacrifice Medicare To the Market Gods

Here’s a CNBC celebrity having a fit when Raul Grijalva suggests that Medicare shouldn’t be cut: She seemed to be having a very hard time controlling herself. Meanwhile, let’s have […]

Fiscal Cliff Showing Many GOP Budget Beliefs To Be Myths

Without the White House and House Republicans seeing eye to eye — and they still definitely don’t — we’re no closer to a deal to stop the fiscal cliff than we were before the start of the Thanksgiving recess.
Stan Collender

The “Fiscal Cliff” Deal Is Wall Street’s Latest Scam

It’s like a Woodstock for plutocrats, or an Avengers for the avaricious: The CEOs of America’s largest corporations have banded together to lecture us on the importance of debt reduction. […]
Richard Eskow

Class War Divide Clear In Swing State Exit Polls

In eight of the 10 battleground states (Florida, Iowa, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Wisconsin), President Obama won voters with incomes under $50,000 while losing voters with incomes of more than $50,000.
Steve Cobble

Reports of Grover Norquist’s Demise Exaggerated

For years progressives have simultaneously envied and despised Grover Norquist for his ability to organize conservatives and keep them organized, and more recently for the power his anti-tax pledge has […]
Terrance Heath

There Will Be No Quick Fiscal Cliff Deal

Congressional Republicans in general and House GOP'ers in particular have been saying since Election Day 2010 that the Gingrich Republicans of the mid-1990s compromised too early with Bill Clinton on the budget and would have gotten much better deals if they had only held out longer.
Stan Collender

Sen. Durbin: Sense and Nonsense in the Fiscal Showdown

Senator Dick Durbin, Senate Majority Whip and one of President Obama’s closest allies, laid out his principles for a deal in the current fiscal showdown today in a speech at the Center for American Progress. The nuanced speech was a revealing mixture of common sense and nonsense.
Robert Borosage

Why Deficit Mongering Is B.S.: Krugman Edition

Just this: You’ve heard the story many times: Supposedly, any day now investors will lose faith in America’s ability to come to grips with its budget failures. When they do, […]

Saying “Fiscal Cliff” Is Taking Sides

The term “fiscal cliff” is a one-sided propaganda phrase that misinforms and triggers public fear and anxiety. The fiscal cliff is not a “cliff” and the country isn’t going to […]

How to Turn Black Friday Red White and Blue

Happy Thanksgiving in corporate-owned America. Walmart workers are preparing for “Black Friday” actions nationwide as the company continues to drive wages and benefits down. And Thanksgiving-day-parade-company Macy’s CEO is standing […]

Hostess Failure Not Union’s Fault

You’ve probably heard that Hostess is closing down and putting more than 18,000 people out of work because greedy unions asked for too much. It’s a lie. Ask yourself this: […]

Wall Street Group Behind Poll Supporting Social Security Cuts

The anti-Social Security propagandists should’ve thought this one through a little more carefully: On the same day that Goldman Sach’s CEO issued his “balanced” demand for Social Security and Medicare […]
Richard Eskow

Republicans Trying to Blackmail the President. Again.

Republicans, the party of the nation’s entitled rich, are holding a knife to the throat of America’s frail recovery. The GOP sore losers have America up against a wall. Republicans […]
Leo Gerard

Minorities to Republicans: We’re Just Not That Into You.

Hey GOP, here’s some friendly advice. You know that diverse coalition that carried President Obama to victory (not to mention sending a number of progressives to the Senate, and delivering […]
Terrance Heath

Obama’s “Roosevelt Moment”

Building on a recent New York Times article, this weekend National Public Radio wondered if this is Obama’s ‘Roosevelt’ moment.” But the Roosevelt in question isn’t Franklin D. Roosevelt, the […]
Richard Eskow

Is Wall Street Really This Clueless About The Fiscal Cliff?

Originally published at Capital Gains and Games. The Dow Jones Industrials Average was in negative territory on Friday morning when congressional leaders emerged from their first fiscal cliff meeting at […]
Stan Collender

Growing Group of Senators Opposes “Fiscal Swindle”

For years now, various gangs of Senators - the Gang of 8, or 6, or 14 - have declared dire deficit emergencies and called for austerity: Cut public spending and cut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security benefits, they tell us.
Roger Hickey
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