The Radical Rich: Moving From Romney to Re-Occupy

Two recent movements have transformed the political landscape. The Occupy movement literally operates in the light of day. The other movement operates in secrecy, with money as its "speech" rather than ... well, you know, speech.
Richard Eskow

The American Aristocrat’s Persecution Complex

"My job is not to worry about those people. I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives." Mitt Romney "Let them eat cake" -Marie Antoinett

Tax Wall Street to Restore Main Street

Editor's Note: Yesterday, Rep. Keith Ellison introduced new legislation that would raise billions to invest in our economy by taxing highly speculative financial transactions. The Inclusive Prosperity Act (H.R. 6411) would tax the sale of stocks, bonds and derivatives sold by Wall Street firms.

What’s A Fair Share?

When this issue of the 47% not paying any federal income taxes (who also, apparently are the only ones voting for Barack Obama) came up in the GOP primary, Romney complained that "everyone needs to pay their fair share.

An Open Letter to the Candidates: We Need Housing Solutions

Last week, a coalition of housing, civil rights, and consumer protection groups issued an open letter to President Obama and Governor Romney asking what they would do, specifically, to address the housing crisis in America, and seeking a meeting to share best practices from around the country.
Alan Jenkins

Teacher Bashing: The Inequality Psychology

In any society where wealth and income concentrate overwhelmingly at the top, the affluent will almost always come to sneer at public services and the men and women who provide them. In Chicago, those men and women have pushed back.

Chicago Teacher Strike Not About Money

Teachers in Chicago are on strike. You will hear from the usual anti-government, anti-union crowd that this is another instance of greedy public employees trying to get more money, but that is just wrong and here's why.

I Smell John Bolton

To those still wondering if Romney might be a kinder, gentler foreign policy president, think again: Yesterday we noted that Mitt Romney, down in the polls after the convention, was throwing the kitchen sink at President Obama.

Positive Bipartisan Surprise: House Vote On ‘Make It In America’ Strategy

At least one moderately good thing is coming out of the ideological sewer that is the House of Representatives these days: legislation that will require the executive branch to develop "a strategy to promote growth, sustainability, and competitiveness in the Nation's manufacturing sector."
Isaiah J. Poole

Better Off? Hell Yes!

Damn right America is better off than it was four years ago.
Leo Gerard

The Party Platforms: What In God’s Name?

It's always amusing when God (if — and I know I risk losing a huge chunk of readers by writing this — there is one) gets dragged into politics.
Terrance Heath

The GOP “I Told You So”

Mark Halperin chronicles the many woes of the Romney campaign in the wake of their epic Meh Convention.

Obama, Yes. And Win the House Too.

President Obama is enjoying a post-convention bump in job approval (Gallup says 7 percentage points – from 45 to 52 percent) after the negative and divisive Republican convention, followed by the energetic populism of the Democrats in Charlotte.
Roger Hickey

Austerity Suicide — Literally

You might be hearing about the "Fiscal Cliff." And you might be hearing about a "Grand Bargain." You certainly have heard about "Simpson Bowles." You will be hearing more and more about these strangely-named things because the usual suspects are cranking

DNC Day 3: Obama Stakes Claim For Renewed Mandate

President Obama's powerful acceptance speech gave no ground from his last acceptance speech. Despite the anti-government Tea Party spasm that occurred in between, Obama once again offered voters a vision of representative, responsive and responsible government that takes action to solve problems.
Bill Scher
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