The New Austerity Campaign

I see that the New York Times is helpfully reframing the election away from jobs and the economy.

Death By Austerity

Americans now stand a greater chance of dying from the effects of austerity than being killed in a car crash. At least that's what a new report suggests, if you read between the lines.
Terrance Heath

News to Media: Back-to-Back Majority Vote Wins = Historic Mandate

Earlier this week, The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza wrote a piece that began with what was intended as a rhetorical question: "Quick, name President Obama’s best moment in the 2012 campaign so far? What about Mitt Romney’s high point?"
Bill Scher

House GOP: Taxes From Wealthy Are “Charity”

It's one of the dumbest, most insulting, dismissive, and frequently heard bits of rhetoric spewed forth from the sneering mouths of conservative pundits and politicos. So, it stands to reason that congressional Republicans would like to make it the law of the land.
Terrance Heath

New Federal “Make it in America Challenge”

The Department of Labor has announced a new "Make it in America Challenge" to American businesses, to "to accelerate the trend of insourcing, where companies are bringing jobs back and making additional investments here in America.

Romney’s Inaction On China Speaks Louder Than Words

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been all bluster and no action on China's cheating on trade, Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan said today, and the proof is in a bill that would address China's cheating that is currently languishing in the House despite broad, bipartisan support.
Isaiah J. Poole

Emergency Medicine

So Mitt Romney now believes that everyone should use the emergency room for their health care needs if they don't have insurance.

The Confidence Fairy is a Vengeful Harridan

Krugman points out in his column today that Mitt Romney declared himself to be the confidence fairy in his Boca remarks, saying that he really didn't need to have an economic program, his election would be enough to lift all those boats without breaking a sweat.

More of the 47 Percent Responds

Yesterday, I posted a compilation of the responses of 47-Percenters to the now infamous Romney
Terrance Heath

Four Reasons Why Romney Might Still Win

The following was originally published at Can Romney possibly recover? A survey conducted between Sept. 12 and Sept. 16 by the Pew Research Center — before the “47 percent victim” video came to light – showed Obama ahead of Romney 51% to 43% among likely voters.

The 47 Percent Responds

Bloggers and pundits have completely picked apart what Mitt Romney had to say about "the 47 percent" in that secret video leaked by Mother Jones magazine.
Terrance Heath

Romney’s Perfect Example of the Republican Strategy of Economic Sabotage

For a long time — basically ever since Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell infamously stated that the Republican Party's #1 goal was to defeat President Obama — it has been plainly obvious that the Republican Party was committed to a strategy of economic sabotage to further their poli...
Brian Dockstader

Senate Republicans Shaft the Vets

The young men and women who serve in our military return from fighting in the longest wars in American history to the worst jobs market in generations.
Robert Borosage

The Bain of the 47 Percent.

Just when you think Mitt Romney couldn't sink his well-heeled foot any deeper into his mouth, he shoves it in even further.
Terrance Heath

Why Is Obama Winning? The Issues.

Today I appeared on the Massachusetts/Vermont radio station The River to discuss the state of presidential race (click here for the audio), and why President Obama is ahead. I said, in short, that Obama is winning because of the issues.
Bill Scher
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