The Culture of Interdependence

First, let me be clear: I take no credit for the messaging or themes of first two nights of the Democratic convention.
Terrance Heath

The Best Of The American Spirit?

Michelle Obama's speech last night got rave reviews. (If you didn't see it, you can watch it here.) It was a very well written and well-delivered speech, personal and yet political, subtly showing the differences between the Obama worldview and the Romney worldview.

The Old Dawg Can Still Hunt

The old dawg can still hunt. At the top of his game, gaining energy from the crowd, Bill Clinton, the “old country boy from Arkansas” tore it up last night in Charlotte. Political junkies, pundits of all stripes, and Democratic activists were agog, watching the maestro at work.
Robert Borosage

DNC Day 2: Stopping The Lies

Democrats have been increasingly frustrated that not even an army of fact-checkers has been able shame the Romney-Ryan campaign from stopping their lies about Medicare savings, welfare requirements, the Janesville GM plant and more.
Bill Scher

Past Time To Move From Rhetoric To Reality on Prosecuting Lawless Bankers

The 2008 financial crash was accompanied by a stunning level of greed and disregard for the law by some of the leading titans of the financial industry. As a result, millions of people lost homes, retirement savings or were otherwise financially devastated.
Isaiah J. Poole

Paul Ryan’s Wink

Many Democrats turned away from the Republican convention both incredulous and optimistic. As one put it: “How do these guys think they can win with a such an out-of-touch hard right platform?” The answer is, they don’t.

DNC Day 1: Running On Their Record

I have never seen opponents so silent about their record ... They've run out of ideas. Their moment came and went. Fear and division are all they've got left. -- Republican VP nominee Paul Ryan Come again? Day 1 of the Democratic convention put their record front and center.
Bill Scher

Will the Democrats Speak For the People?

Last week the Republicans gathered under the hurricane skies of approaching autumn, their convocation punctuated by thunder and underlined by rain.
Richard Eskow

Obama’s Challenge: Answer the Question of What Comes Next

As Democrats gather in Charlotte, N.C., one fundamental challenge remains in President Obama’s reelection campaign. He must use the convention to provide a compelling answer to the basic question on voters’ minds: What does he plan to do to get the economy going and put people back to work?
Robert Borosage

Renew Urgency On Wall Street Probe

The Obama administration’s investigation of major international banks for manipulation of the “London interbank offered rate,” or Libor, has been in the headlines lately, and that’s good news.

Labor Day: Team America, Including Workers, Built That

The GOP, the party of exclusion – no gays seeking marriage allowed, also no Hispanics, no black people, no poor people who are on or ever were on welfare, and no women who are on or ever were on birth control ­– yeah, that private party spent last week taking sole credit for America's greatness...
Leo Gerard

Unions Enforce Democracy

What is Labor Day? And why is it a national holiday? Labor Day is our national holiday to celebrate the contribution that regular working people make to our country and our economy.

Who’s Really Winning the Smartphone Wars?

In our current economic and political environment, we're letting top corporate executives expropriate our public 'property' for private gain. The resulting rewards, for both corporations and their CEOs, can be immense, as the recent Apple patent triumph over Samsung so amazingly demonstrates.

Some Great Short Videos For Labor Day

First, a great music video, We Are The Union, from CWA. I love this one, "Brooklyn Cablevision workers saw through the corporate lies, organized to join CWA, and immortalized the experience in this amazing song."
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