The Enthusiasm Gap, and How Obama Can Close It

A straw poll taken at the Take Back the American Dream conference shows that the "enthusiasm gap" between progressives and President Obama is very real.
Isaiah J. Poole

Fight Against Racial Profiling

At the Take Back the American Dream conference Wednesday, strategies and tactics were weaved with moving personal stories at a session on racial profiling with Gaby Pacheco, Rashad Robinson, Jasiri X, and moderator Cathy Montoya.
Radhika Raman

Krugman Does Ireland

At the Take Back the American Dream conference this morning, Paul Krugman reprised what he said on the Colbert Report recently, concerning Ireland's austerity agenda and it's frightening resemblance to Mitt Romney's economic agenda
Terrance Heath

In It Together: The LGBT and Progressive Movements

When I walked into the "What's Next for the LGBT Community" at the Take Back the American Dream conference, I thought I already knew what I would write about it afterwards.
Terrance Heath

Take Back the American Dream

As progressives gather at the annual Take Back the American Dream Conference today in Washington, they are gearing up for what is a fundamental struggle about America’s future.
Robert Borosage

Magic Act Making the Super Rich Disappear

The Federal Reserve has once again counted up America's personal wealth — and omitted the nation's 400 richest from the final tally. But the new figures, even with that omission, show a divide still deepening.

Democrats Must Oppose Republicans On Education

A funny thing happened on the way to the news cycle the past two weeks when the issue of education -- specifically, public schoolteachers and student loan relief -- maintained a presence on the political stage.
Jeff Bryant

Obama Delivers For The DREAMers The Right Way The Right Time

President Obama's bold stroke to prevent deporting nearly 800,000 undocumented people who came to America before they turned 16 will be analyzed by most through a crude political lens: will this pump up Latino turnout or not?
Bill Scher

AT&T It Helps Us When We Dont Pay You

Some news you may have missed: Last week thousands of AT&T workers walked out in protest of AT&T's lack of progress in contract negotiations, aggravated by a mocking memo from an AT&T executive.

Back Bernie’s Budget—Yes To Jobs, No To Austerity

As progressive leaders from around the country prepare for next week's Take Back the American Dream conference, we're not waiting to start hitting Congress with our key demand: Bury austerity, put jobs first and resurrect the middle class.
Isaiah J. Poole

Starbucks Makes It In America

Starbucks has launched an initiative to restore American jobs, and as part of that effort is ordering mugs from an American company and helping revive an Ohio Rover town! The company is earning some great publicity for itself. Like this:

The Hard Cash Costs Of The Mental Recession

We give a hat tip to Paul Krugman for recalling the infamous 2008 statement by Phil Gramm, then-presidential candidate John McCain's top economic advisor, that what Krugman is now calling
Isaiah J. Poole

Tax Cuts Are Theft

Conservatives like to say that taxes are theft. In fact it is tax cuts that are theft because they break a long-standing contract. Why else would We, the People have set up this system, if not for the benefit of We, the People?
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