The Sununu Spin

I've always loathed this jerk, but he is always one of those guys who is wiling to come right out and defend the indefensible, so you have to give him a sort of credit: Transcript via Think Progress:

Our Top 400 A Little Historical Perspective

All those millions that America's billionaires are pouring into super PACs, where do they come from? We can trace a huge chunk of that political cash to the truly massive tax cuts our richest now enjoy. How massive? Over $25 billion a year -- for our most affluent 400 -- massive enough for you?

The Economy Is Not A Board Game

The elites who make policy, write about it, have dinner parties where they cluck their tongues about it, mostly have good-paying jobs, health care and secure retirements.

Real Jobs At Stake

I attended a blogger meeting with Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) to talk about Americans for Tax Fairness, a coalition that has formed to help win the coming fight over the expiring Bush tax cuts.

Use The Fiscal Cliff To Defend Our Budget Priorities

Perhaps the best strategy for avoiding having to settle for a bad "grand bargain" on the federal deficit that would shortchange the pillars of economic security for struggling households is to jump off the feared "fiscal cliff" at the end of the year and push Congress into negotiating a new budget p...
Isaiah J. Poole

Workers Riot At Apple Factory In China

We've reported frequently on the abusive labor practices and suicides at Apple's Foxconn factory in China.  Essentially, Apple outsources the production of its iPad and iPhone to a massive
Steven Capozzola

Eric Schnederman Thank You For Pushing Me

There were rumblings that Thursday's Netroots Nation keynote address by Eric Schneiderman, the New York attorney general and the head of an Obama administration task force on Wall Street fraud, was going to be disrupted by protestors.
Isaiah J. Poole

How Activists Score Wins Taking On The Banks

There is some good news in the fight for homeowners and against the big banks. Homeowners who are facing foreclosures because of unfair and often illegal practices by the major financial Goliaths are learning how to organize, how to shame bank executives and how to get local media attention.
Isaiah J. Poole

A Politics for the 99 Percent

Appeared in the June 25, 2012 edition of The Nation. Co-written with Katrina vanden Heuvel.
Robert Borosage

They Bought Wisconsin Dont Let Them Buy America

Democracy lost in Wisconsin. Gov. Scott Walker kept his job only after outspending the recall movement 8 to 1. And that doesn’t even count the millions spent by secretive third-party groups.
Roger Hickey

Who Bought The Wisconsin Election

Scott Walker survived his recall. In case you were wondering whether our democracy is totally fucked, read this about the last minute ads that poured into Wisconsin:

State Labor Attacks — Not Just Wisconsin

The attack on public-employee unions in Wisconsin is in the news because of the large Egypt-style turnout of supporters at the state capital (70,000 on Saturday!), and the dramatic theater effect of Democ

Wisconsin Face-Off Over Labor

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has launched an all-out attack on public-employee unions, proposing to take away the right to collective bargaining. He has threatened to use the National Guard to put down any action by state workers in response.

The Walker Recall

That Gov. Scott Walker survived the recall in Wisconsin is a tragic setback for the stunning citizen’s movement that challenged his extremist agenda in Wisconsin. Its implications are likely to be exaggerated by the right, and underplayed by progressives. Here are some thoughts on its meaning.
Robert Borosage

A Pledge To 1% of America

It's almost a shame that Americans are paying very little attention to the GOP's "Pledge To America.
Terrance Heath

Corporations Arent The Problem

A pro-labor column in a major newspaper? I'd better look out my window and see if pigs are flying down the street. Nope, they're not! Hell hasn't frozen over. And hey, monkeys aren't even coming out of my butt! In today's NY Times Joe Nocera writes, in Turning Our Backs on Unions,

The Jobs Babble

Everyone is talking jobs and saying nothing.
Robert Borosage

Dammit Chris Matthews You Were Doing So Well Til You Said Simpson Bowles

At the June 18-20 Take Back the American Dream conference, we'll organize to stop Simpson-Bowles from passing Congress in the December "lame duck" session. Hear Robert L. Borosage, Van Jones and Melissa Harris-Perry on "Winning in November – So We Can Win in December and Beyond" and hear Rep.
Richard Eskow

Mitt Romney Enjoys Your Pain

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s reaction to high unemployment is creepy. During an interview with CBS reporter Jan Crawford last week, Romney smirked as he mentioned that unemployment has remained above 8 percent for 39 months.
Leo Gerard
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