Upheld! – Relive The Moment

If you want something to feel particularly good about this, heading into the 4th of July holiday, why not relive the moment we learned that the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act? Nothing quite captures the moment like this Take Action News video of the moment when health care supporters ...
Terrance Heath

This Ruling Is Good for Your Health

Originally published at OtherWords. The most conservative Supreme Court in history just upheld the Affordable Care Act as constitutional. This is a victory for American families. It means lower costs, more coverage, and that insurance companies can't rip us off anymore. It's the law.

Public Education’s ‘Shock Doctrine Summer’ Rolls Out, Part 2

With the glow of high school graduations still lingering in many American families, and analysts predicting that an"economic recovery" is on the way, this is a time when you'd expect to start hearing more positive news about the state of US public education.
Jeff Bryant

Conservatives: Saving America’s Youth From “Overeducation”

Now that our "do nothing" Congress is finally set to "do something" to stop interest on student loans from doubling, I think I’ve finally figured out what motivates conservatives on education in general, and conservative opposition to student loans in general.
Terrance Heath

Sign Krugman’s ‘Manifesto For Economic Sense’

Economists Paul Krugman and Richard Layard, the latter of the London School of Economics, today posted a "Manifesto for Economic Sense" that lays out a sound framework for reviving the global economy.
Isaiah J. Poole

After Victory On Health Reform, Fight To Defend Medicare

The Supreme Court's narrow decision today that the Affordable Care Act is constitutional is a victory for all of us who defend the right of Americans to join together to impose new rules on the private health insurance industry—to require that they cover all applicants and not disqualify people wi...
Roger Hickey

The Basics Of The Ruling

In plain English, from Scotusblog: Amy Howe: In Plain English: The Affordable Care Act, including its individual mandate that virtually all Americans buy health insurance, is constitutional.

AP, WaPo Peddle Right-Wing Anti-Transportation Framing As ‘News’

As the Senate prepares to take up a well-intentioned, if sorely inadequate, transportation funding bill this week, the Associated Press distributed a "news" story Monday that offered little "news" but much in the way of ideological framing for the opponents of fede
Isaiah J. Poole

House Republicans Fiddle While Bridges Crumble

As of Wednesday afternoon, House Republicans were at an impasse within their own caucus on how to move forward on a surface transportation funding bill.
Isaiah J. Poole

Conservatives On Transportation: Throw America Into Reverse

Back in 2010, one of President Obama's stump-speech lines has him trying to put the economy in "D" to drive it out of the ditch it had fallen into, while Republican obstructionists keep trying to pull the stick shift back into "R."
Isaiah J. Poole

Congress’ Last Chance To Get In Gear On A Transportation Jobs Bill

A Senate-House conference committee is scheduled to meet today to hammer out differences between the two chambers on what is likely to be the most substantive jobs bill the Congress could pass this year: a surface transportation reauthorization bill.
Isaiah J. Poole

Cranking Up The Old Scandal Machine

Bleeding heart liberal rag Forbes does some important journalism and investigates the Fast and Furious pseudo scandal. It turns out that the basic facts the wingnuts are presenting --- that the ATF was engaged in a gun-walking sting operation, is false. Well, waddaya know?

Here Is Why Our Elites Are Not Fixing The Economy

When we had democracy, We, the People made the rules and we ran our country and our economy for our benefit. Now that we are a plutocracy things are different. The reason our elites are not doing anything to fix the economy is because from their viewpoint, things are just fine. Merriam-Webster:

Conservatives to Students: Drop Dead!

Never mind "class warfare." Generational warfare continues apace, this time in the editorial pages of the Washington Post, which echoed the conservative message to young (and older) Americans struggling with student debt: Drop dead.
Terrance Heath

Romney and the Rise of the Superpredator Corporate Class

Remember the "superpredators"? They were the supposedly super-violent youngsters of dark complexion that conservatives kept screaming about in the 1990s. We were told they were about to unleash an unprecedented wave of vicious crime any day now.
Richard Eskow

The Tiny Tax that Terrifies Wall Street

Robin Hood would not be happy if he happened upon our incredibly top-heavy modern world. But the new campaign to levy a tax on speculative trading would most likely have him breaking out in smiles.

Romney, Jobs And China — Let’s Connect Dots

Will Mitt Romney create jobs and help our economy, or will he just take us back to the Bush-era, send-jobs-to-China destruction that made him rich? With Romney there is no way to connect what he says with what he means or might do.

The People’s Indictment of Karl Rove

On June 20, 2012, Nick Nyhart, CEO and President of Public Campaign, Joan Mandle, Executive Director of Democracy Matters, Tracy Leatherberry of Common Cause and others delivered a people's indictment for crimes against our democracy to Karl Rove, American Crossroads, and Crossroads GPS.
Terrance Heath

How to Fight Wall Street – and Transform a Nation

Eric Schneiderman was right. New York State's Attorney General told an audience at the Take Back the American Dream Conference that we need a "transformational politics" that will change the way we look at ourselves, our society, and our economy.
Richard Eskow

Krugman’s Right. Again.

I wonder sometimes if Paul Krugman ever gets tired of being right. Or does he get bored with it, given how often it happens?
Terrance Heath
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