Desolation Row Five Pictures of the Future in a Paul RyanMitt Romney America

Economic radical Paul Ryan has endorsed Mitt Romney, Romney's embraced the Ryan budget, and the House Republicans have voted to enact the Romney/Ryan vision of the future into law. Yet an eerie silence has settled over the vision itself: How would it affect our daily lives?
Richard Eskow

The 1% Strike Back

In 2010, as the economy began its slow recovery from the Great Recession, a new study shows the richest 1 percent of Americans captured a staggering 93 percent of all income growth, while the incomes of most Americans stagnated. Ninety-three percent. Occupy that. The 1 percent are back.
Robert Borosage

Republican Budget For Billionaires The Impact

The new Republican budget (called the "Ryan Budget" by DC insiders) reflects current electoral reality: billionaires and corporations now finance candidates, and we get government of, by and for billionaires and corporations.

Should Be Made In America!

We need to rebuild our country, and we need to do it with steel and supplies that are made in America. It actually costs taxpayers more to "save money" by outsourcing then it saves because of the "safety net" costs from lost jobs and factories.

JOBS Act The Insanity Of The Regulatory Race To The Bottom

The plot of the movie "War Games" (1983) involves a slacker hacker (played by Matthew Broderick) who starts playing the game Global Thermonuclear War with Joshua, a Department of Defense (DoD) supercomputer that has been given partial control by DoD of our nuclear forces.

Gas Prices Have Been Rising For a Decade Why Keep Subsidizing Big Oil

While the volatile price of gas can give you whiplash and screw up household and business budgeting, the fact is the price of gas has been steadily rising since 2002. It only took a break in 2008 after the global financial crisis shattered economic demand.
Bill Scher

Americas Shooting Gallery

Good for him: President Barack Obama waded into the growing national controversy of the killing of an unarmed black teenager in Florida, saying the nation should do some "soul-searching to figure out how something like this happens."

Get Ready For 99 Spring

Spring is almost upon us, and the 99% Spring, too! I was on a call last night on which more than 500 people signed up to become trainers -- just on one call! Here are three things to help you get ready. 99% Spring, April 9-15

Ryan Budget Is Now Officially A GOP Problem

Originally posted at Capital Gains and Games. We now have some real indications that the fiscal 2013 budget plan proposed by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan is going to be as much a political albatross as a plus for Republicans.

Hands Off My Medicare

Last year, for a brief moment, Wisconsin Republican Rep.
Farbod Kadkhoda

Romneys Core Salesman-In-Chief For Wall Street

Who is Mitt Romney, at his core? His constantly-changing public positions on issues -- sometimes changing inside a single sentence -- make it appear he has no core at all. But there has to be a set of core beliefs, a guiding star.

Who Pays The Bill For Wall Streets Mess

Yesterday, House Republicans rolled out their budget plan in the Washington version of a Hollywood movie opening. There was a star turn for Budget Chair Paul Ryan at a conservative think tank.
Robert Borosage

The Budget For All vs Paul Ryans Budget For The 1 Percent

As a mark-up session for the House Republican budget for fiscal 2013 was taking place in the House Budget Committee hearing room, members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus were outside presenting the outlines of their alternative, designed to put jobs and rebuilding the middle class first.
Isaiah J. Poole

Three Hidden Time Bombs in the GOPs Medicare Budget

By now most people have heard some of the worst things about the Republican budget proposal - commonly called the "Ryan plan" and unironically described by the GOP as "the Path to Prosperity": That it decimates programs for middle class and lower-income Americans while giving even greater tax breaks...
Richard Eskow

The Republican Budget Explained

The new Republican budget plan: Smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke.

On Foreclosures Too Little But Not Too Late

The Obama administration and states around the country have taken important steps in recent months toward putting American homeownership and financial security back on track. But it’s clear that more ambitious solutions are needed.
Alan Jenkins

Ryan GOP Unveil Suicide Pact Today Rejecting American Majority

On Tuesday House Republicans, led by Budget Committee chair Paul Ryan, will unveil a suicide pact in the form of a new budget that ignores the clear views of the majority of Americans – and which, if they embrace it almost unanimously, as they did last year’s similar Ryan Budget, will put a gun ...
Roger Hickey

Reminder March 22 Verizon Day Of Action

On March 22, workers from the Communication Workers of America and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers will be joined by thousands of supporters to rally around the country to stand up to corporate greed, and in support of good jobs for the 99%. The rally will also support the U.S.

The So-Called JOBS Act Crowdfunding Good Deregulation Bad

The Senate is considering the House-passed, typically-misnamed "JOBS Act." This act dramatically cuts regulations and disclosure requirements for companies that want to sell stock. As written it opens the door to the usual scammers, fleecers and fraudsters that feast on deregulation.
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