The Gulf – Four Years Later.

This past Sunday was the fourth anniversary of the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. The oil isn't gone. The environment isn't restored. Residents' lives aren't back to so-called “normal.” Yet, BP claims that they fixed the Gulf.

The Middle Class is not “Normal”

There’s nothing “normal” about having a middle class. Having a middle class is a choice that a society has to make, and it’s a choice we need to make again in this generation.

Let’s Repudiate Reaganomics

How did we get to a point in our history where our nation has record levels of wealth, but millions of people are still struggling with hunger, poverty and homelessness? It’s all thanks to Reaganomics.

Time Is Running Out.

This week, government officials and climate scientists from all over the world are meeting in Berlin, Germany, to finalize a U.N. study on climate change and its solutions. A draft of the study has released, and it's pretty stunning.

The Useful Idiots Of The Corporate Elite

There are a whole lot of useful idiots in America. Yesterday, a caller called into my radio show, and echoed Congressman Paul Ryan’s recent comments, blaming the black community for poverty in America.

Billionaires…First They Came For The Economy

First the oligarchs came for our economy, and we said nothing. Now, they’ve come for science. Thanks to Republican-backed austerity measures, our nation’s scientific infrastructure has been hit with devastating budget cuts.

C’mon America… Let’s Keep The Lights On

It’s time for America to leave the 19th century behind, and keep the lights on. We're still using the model of giant, centralized power stations to distribute electricity over long distances. This is bad for a number of reasons.

We Need An Economy For All

We need an economy that works for everyone, not just the top 1 percent. Income inequality is finally getting some long-overdue attention from our lawmakers, but we need less talk and more action to make our economy work for the 99 percent.

Playing Politics with People’s Lives

Another rural Georgia hospital is closing its doors as that state continues to block the Medicaid expansion. It's time for Republicans to expand Medicaid in every state, and stop playing politics with people's lives.

How Much More Proof Do We Need?

West Virginia is dealing with another coal-related toxic spill, and people are finding out the hard way about the real dangers of fossil fuels. This is the third coal-related spill in a single month. How much more evidence do we need ?

It’s Time For Republicans To Do Some Real Work.

Congress is back, but that doesn't mean Republicans are ready to get to work. Senate Democrats have scheduled a test vote to restore unemployment insurance, but Republicans won't approve an extension without something in return.

Corporations Control Our Lives…

Business should be here to serve American needs, not control us and commercialize everything that we do. We must shift the power back to actual people. Only then can we stop the cycle of putting profit before people.

The Senate Is Abandoning The Unemployed.

Three days after Christmas, 1.3 million Americans will lose their unemployment benefits.  And, another two million will stop receiving assistance if Congress doesn’t extend long-term benefits by June.  Our nation […]

Our Basic Human Rights Are Being Violated…

Sixty-five years ago, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was signed. Today, wealth inequality and inhumane austerity measures have benefited the wealthy, while denying most of us an equal chance at a life of dignity.

It’s Time To Make Banking Boring Again!

Regulators want to start making banking boring again. Today, five different regulatory agencies are expected to adopt the Volcker Rule, which would redraw a line between regular banking and Wall Street gambling.

Alec Is Planning For A Busy Year…

As long as politicians are bought and paid for, organizations like ALEC will have dangerous influence over the legislation that effects us all. It's time to put an end to the corporate control of Congress once and for all.

The Banksters Are Getting Off Easy…

The banksters could be forced to pay tens of billions of dollars more in settlements for crashing our economy. But, these fees are just a small fraction of the price that American taxpayers paid for the economic collapse.
The Banksters Are Getting Off Easy…

The JPMorgan Settlement Is A Scam!

On Tuesday, the Justice Department announced that JPMorgan has agreed to a $13 billion dollar settlement over the fraudulent sale of mortgage backed securities. But, that settlement is a fraud in and of itself.

A Peek Behind The TPP Curtain.

Americans got a peak behind the curtain of the Trans Pacific Partnership, and what we found is frightening. Wikileaks published a draft of the “intellectual property rights” chapter, and it poses a serious risk to free speech and information access.

Our Economy Should Work For Us.

The latest figures from the Bureau of Economic Analysis show that our nation is recovering from the 2008 recession, but all of that growth is going straight into the pockets of the corporate elite.

So, About Those Cancellation Letters…

We've reports of companies canceling insurance policies, and charging hundreds of dollars more each month to continue coverage. Well, it turns out that many of those cancellation letters were misleading.

Stop The TPP

The Trans Pacific Partnership could have a dramatic impact on the American people, yet we're being kept in the dark about what it contains. Thankfully, some groups are standing up for our right to know the details of this trade deal.

Can Senate Democrats Prevent Disaster?

It's great that Senate Democrats are working on a plan to prevent financial disaster, but Americans would rather see Republicans end this economic hostage taking, and stop using our economy as a pawn in their political games.

This Is Not A Compromise.

Over the weekend, House Republicans approved a so-called compromise to avoid a government shutdown. However, their idea of negotiation was nothing more than ridiculous, right-wing demands they included in the continuing resolution.

Ted Cruz’s Fake Filibuster

On Tuesday, Senator Ted Cruz took the floor of the Senate to launch a pre-arranged, all-night fake filibuster. There was no way it would stop the Senate from voting on a continuing resolution to fund the government.

The “God of Money”

On Sunday, during a meeting with a group of unemployed workers, Pope Francis abandoned his prepared comments and railed against economic inequality. Hopefully, world leaders were listening.

House Republicans Take Aim At The Hungry.

House Republicans want to slash the food stamp program by nearly $40 billion dollars. While the drastic cuts proposed by the House would never be approved by Senate, they show just how little some lawmakers care about their fellow Americans.

The Rich Just Keep Getting Richer…

It's no longer just an expression – the rich are getting richer, and the rest of us are being shut out of the game. A new report says that the top 10% took home more than half of all the income in 2012. More than 20% went to the top 1%.

The State of the Working Class

The share of the economy devoted to wages and salaries is below what it was when Teddy Roosevelt was president, all while corporate profits are soaring. A special edition of "The Big Picture" looks at the state of labor in America.

Our Deficit Is Shrinking…

Most Americans may not know it by listening to Republicans, but reality shows that our deficit is shrinking. And, if you didn't know that, you're not alone. A new poll found that nearly half of Americans think that the deficit is actually increasing.
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