Obama’s Radical Agenda

Conservatives are constantly talking about Obama’s “radical, far-left agenda.” “At last!”, I said. Hearing their whines and complaints I became hopeful that our government would finally serve We, the People […]

Cut What?

Here’s an easy way to win an argument with a conservative over taxes and spending. Hand the conservative a piece of paper, a pencil and a calculator and ask him […]

SOTU – A List Not a Vision

In last week’s State of the Union speech President Obama talked about jobs. It was a great speech. It was SO satisfying to see him scold the Supreme Court for […]

New Lie On Bank Reform

Opponents of financial reform, after huddling with banking lobbyists, are now circulating a story that the reform bills are nothing more than more bailouts for the big banks. In fact […]

Ranking Renewable Investment Attractiveness

Ernst & Young has a report, “Renewable energy country attractiveness indices”, that tries to measure how “attractive” different countries are for investment in renewable energy projects. According to the report, […]

Dude, Where’s My $23.7 Trillion?

Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, doesn’t think it is a good idea to audit the Fed. Speaking Monday he said, … the Fed chairman also took a moment […]

Signals Obama Could/Should Send?

Symbolism is very powerful, and great Presidents use it to set the tone of their Presidency. It is the “Bully Pulpit” because Presidents tell the people “this is the way […]

The Independence of the Fed

Reps. Ron Paul and Alan Grayson are trying to get the Federal Reserve audited. Last week the House Financial Services Committee passed an amendment to their financial regulatory reform bill […]

Back To Our Old Ways On Trade?

This just in from Reuters: U.S. trade deficit widened in September. The U.S. trade deficit widened in September by an unexpectedly large 18.2 percent, the most in more than 10 […]

Trade and Creating Jobs

In the Wall Street Journal today, White House Hopes Trade Can Bolster Labor Market. By increasing exports to rapidly growing countries like China and India, the U.S. could put a […]
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