The Coming Fast-Track Trade Outrage

Trans-Pacific Partnership – the corporate sovereignty treaty – is coming and they’re going to try to push it through Congress with “Fast Track.” It’s really, really important to pay attention […]

Sherrod Brown: “Get Trade Right” For The Middle Class

Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, argued that “trade policy needs to adapt to global challenges” and “trade done right creates prosperity for the middle class” during a speech on the “Competitive […]
Jane Yurechko

U.S./China Summit – Who Holds The Cards?

On a press call yesterday in advance of this week’s “summit” between President Obama and Chinese President and General Secretary of the Communist Party Xi Jinping, Alliance for American Manufacturing’s […]

A Better Way To Tax The Multinationals

We the People put together a system here with schools, universities, scientific research, courts, a stable financial/monetary system, infrastructure like roads, dams, airports, and all the other components of a […]

TPP: A Deregulation Treaty Not A Trade Treaty

The upcoming Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement is using a process that is rigged from the start. It is being negotiated by executive for the benefit of the corporations they serve. Democracy is not part of the process.

Contact Senators To Save American Jobs

The Communications Workers of America is asking people to contact their senators to block an effort to undermine American workers using the H-1B visa program. Here’s the story. What Is […]

Obama Visits Texas On Jobs, Manufacturing Tour

President Obama is in Texas to launch a “Middle-Class Jobs and Opportunity Tour” that focuses on manufacturing. The president announced an executive order creating three “manufacturing hubs” — Manufacturing Innovation […]

New Buy America Bill To Help Recovery And Jobs

This morning House Democrats introduced ‘Buy America’ legislation to make sure taxpayer money that is used for transportation purposes gets used to support U.S. manufacturing and create American jobs. The […]

Wal-Mart, Armstrong Seek Redemption Without Remorse

Oddly, the top international cyclist – Lance Armstrong – and the top international retailer –Wal-Mart – revealed last week that they have much in common. No, not doping. It’s their […]
Leo Gerard

November Trade Deficit Drained $48.7 Billion From Economy

DC frets about the budget deficit, which is money we owe mostly to each other, spent on things we do for each other to make our lives better. But the trade deficit is money that actually leaves our economy, making us poorer and less able to make our lives better.
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