We are No. 2; We are No. 2!

For 110 years America has reigned as the world’s number one manufacturing nation. Next year, China is expected to wrest that title from the United States. Last year, the U.S. […]
Leo Gerard

The Grip of the Old Economy

President Obama touted his National Export Initiative this week, boasting that in the first quarter of this year, exports were up 17% from a year ago. Increased exports abroad generate […]
Robert Borosage

China Dialogue – No Currency Agreement

The US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue has concluded. It is remarkable for two countries to engage in a dialog such as this, and efforts like this to constructively manage differences […]

China Currency Hearing

This morning I watched a live webcast of a Senate hearing, titled, Senate Banking Subcommittee on Economic Policy to Examine Effect of China Currency Practices on American Manufacturing. The details […]

China v. US Workers: China is winning

Today the Senate Banking Committee is holding a hearing to examine “the impact of China’s exchange rate practices on U.S. manufacturing” Many experts will testify. I offer some pictures that […]

Action Urged On China Trade Practices

The Alliance for American Manufacturing is a partnership of manufacturers like US Steel and their workers, represented by the United Steelworkers. They have sent a letter asking Commerce Secretary Locke […]

Trump: Tax China, Create Jobs in America

      Donald Trump knows a few things about making money. The first step: You need a job. But a job is something more than 17 million of America’s […]
Tula Connell

Trade Deficit Grows

Where I previously wrote that some things were getting worse more slowly, the trade deficit is just getting worse again. The US Trade Deficit Widened in February ‎by 7.4 percent […]

Trading Jobs For Diplomacy?

The Obama administration appears to have backed off from pressuring China to revalue its currency, for now, likely in exchange for diplomatic concessions including helping to pressure Iran on nukes. […]

End the Denial; Label China a Currency Manipulator

America and China share a terrible delusion. They are in denial about currency manipulation. Both officially state that China is not devaluing its currency. In mid-March, Chinese Prime Minister Wen […]
Leo Gerard

Treasury Sec. Geithner Visits Pennsylvania Today

As the Pittsburgh Post Gazette is reporting, U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is scheduled to visit Pittsburgh today, where he will be “greeted by a chorus of calls to bolster […]
Steven Capozzola

China’s American Enablers

China argues that some American companies will suffer if China stops subsidizing manufacturing and adjusts their currency to market levels. They’re right. The fight over Chinese violations of trade rules […]

The Gift America Needs Most: Manufacturing

In Columbus Ohio, a 5-year-old girl jumped onto Santa’s lap last month and asked if he could give her dad a job as an elf. Mike Smith, who works the […]
Leo Gerard

China is Unhappy with Spy Label

The Associated Press reports that China has criticized last week’s U.S.-China Commission (USCC) report for asserting that Chinese spies are aggressively stealing U.S. secrets. Beijing warns that the report is […]
Steven Capozzola

How The Climate Change Bill Can Help Save 4 Million Jobs

Taken out of context, this argument sounds almost like a right-wing or corporatist knock against the climate change bill that’s pending in the Senate: The bill that was introduced this […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Steel City: Forgotten But Not Gone

In the lead up to the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh, mainstream media are telling half a story. Everyone seems to agree that heavy industry is a thing of the past. […]

Finally, a President with the Guts to Enforce Trade Laws

Barack Obama proved Friday he’s got grit. He enforced trade laws. These are special trade safeguard rules called “Section 421” that the Chinese had agreed to obey to gain entrance […]
Leo Gerard
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