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Obama Still Swimming Against the Tide on TPP

Congress is set to blow town this week or early next until after the election – without taking up the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) -- a giant twelve-nation trade agreement between the U.S. and  Pacific Rim nations. Even though the TPP appears dead in the water,...

Trump’s Economic "Fixes" for Women Mean the Fix Is In

Donald Trump gave what was billed as a major economic address to the Economic Club of New York last week. Overall, the speech was same song, umpteenth verse of well-worn Republican bromides. Across-the-board tax cuts, especially for corporations and the wealthy (no...

Trump's Immigration Plan Punishes Women Most

Donald Trump made a phony photo-op trip to Mexico City on Wednesday, where his Mexican "rapists, murderers, and drug dealers" miraculously morphed into "amazing people" who are "beyond reproach." The Republican presidential candidate's joint appearance with Mexican...

A Two-Pronged Assault on Women

We heard a lot about the “war on women” during the 2012 election cycle — mostly over Republican attacks on abortion rights and birth control. While the phrase has faded in this election year go-round, the war on women has not. The only change is that now we’re...

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