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The GOP's Tax Plan Will Deepen the Housing Crisis

During one of the worst housing crises in our history, Congress is proposing tax reform that would make it even worse – and in more ways than you may think. Some of the threats to affordable housing in the current House and Senate proposals are direct and potentially...

What They Want to Hide Tells You Who They Are

The Treasury Department has released their report on financial regulations they want to scrap. Spoiler alert: the Wall Street sharpies who Trump put in charge of our economy, who made fortunes on both ends of the housing collapse, think pretty much all regulations on...

CHOICE Act Is a Lump of Coal in Our Stocking

“Wall Street wrote their wish list, and to Congress they’re flocking: But this Christmas in June, let’s put coal in their stocking!” Republicans in the House want make the deepest desires of Wall Street sharpies, loan sharks and big banks come true.  They are poised...

Calvin, Hobbes & Budgetary Bait-and-Switch

A great old Calvin & Hobbes comic strip tells us a lot about the current budget debate. Calvin asks his mom to let him do a succession of ridiculously dangerous things: First he asks if he can set his mattress on fire; his mom says no. Then he asks if he can ride...

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