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Why I’m Going to the Border for Father’s Day

As more reports surface of children seeking asylum at our borders being separated from their parents, there has been much consideration of the impact and effect on children. As Father’s Day approaches, I can’t help but wonder how I would cope if my daughter was taken...

We Can Reclaim Democracy, One Heart at a Time

The revolution may not be televised, but in 2018, the resistance is being electoralized. This comes not a minute too soon: elections have already begun, with precinct caucuses in Iowa, special elections across the country and six months of rolling primaries starting...

The GOP’s Tax Bill Is A Turkey No Pardon Can Save

GOP lawmakers are laughing into their hats as they head home from Capitol Hill, thinking tax cuts for the rich – the ones they’ve wanted for so long – are finally within reach, if they can hold on a little longer. There’ll be smiles all around the Thanksgiving table,...

Transforming The Possible Through Radical Imagination

This is the text of opening remarks delivered Sunday evening at the People’s Action founding convention in Washington, DC – “Rise Up: From Protest to Power.” David pulled a stone from his bag and slung it. And hit Goliath on the head. And he fell to the ground....

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