Can We Insource Jobs

President Obama will host a forum on insourcing jobs Wednesday. The forum will feature leaders of several companies who have already shifted jobs back home and are encouraging others to do the same. According to the White House,

India And Philippines Declare War On Call Center Bill

Last month I wrote about a bill before Congress that would both help fight the offshoring of call-center jobs and protect consumers. Now the countries where we have been sending those jobs are organizing a lobbying campaign to fight the bill. The Bill

For 2012 Lets Restore Our Industrial Commons

David Brancaccio’s Marketplace story Tuesday, Decline of Kodak offers lessons for U.S. business traced the decline of Kodak and the loss of Rochester, NY’s good, middle-class jobs to Kodak’s failure […]

Gotta Fix Trade

Today’s GDP report shows slow growth. It isn’t declining growth so technically is not a recession, but not enough growth to lead to job gains. U.S. Economy Grew at a […]

Consensus Grows Confront China On Trade

In the day-to-day news about trade problems with China the bigger picture can get lost. America is giving up its competitive position in industries of the present and future and […]

Politifact Kills Its Credibility

If you take a government program, change everything about it, destroy its core purpose, but keep the same name, is it the same program? says yes, and even goes […]

NLRB Fight Shows How Far Weve Fallen

Here is how far we have fallen: Republicans and big corporations are going to extremes, even threatening to shut down entire agencies of the government, just to keep people from […]

Devastating Job-Killing Socialist Regulations

Conservatives, their movement funded by big oil and king coal, constantly complain about “job-killing regulations.” They say that the Environmental Protection Agency is pushing “socialism” because it wants to lower […]

Did American Workers Get What They Deserved

What did people expect would happen when they voted for Reagan, Bush and other conservatives, or supported their policies? In the Holland (Michigan) Sentinel community columnist Ray Buursma writes, American […]

In Honor Of Mitt Romneys Jobs Plan

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has unveiled a “Jobs Plan.” CAF’s Bill Scher celebrates with his post, Romney “Jobs” Plan Latest Attempt To Copy Bush, The Worst Jobs President Since […]

Verizon Fires 40 Workers From Strike

Verizon has fired 40 workers who took part in the strike this summer, saying they engaged in misconduct. Union leaders say this is a “heavy-handed” negotiating tactic to push for […]

The iWont Campaign

Companies that take away middle-class jobs should not be rewarded. Verizon’s workers are asking people to buy or upgrade Verizon iPhones only when Verizon gives workers a fair deal and […]

Verizon Workers To Join #OWS Friday

Tomorrow (Friday) as many as 1,000 Verizon workers will march with Occupy Wall Street in a protest against Verizon corporate greed. Verizon’s workers are engaged in “save the middle class” […]
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