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The Trump Economy Myth and Job-Killing Policies

Making America Great Again; every time a U.S. company hires a hundred people, or even a dozen, President Trump's support network blasts out the message that this is what he's doing. Now they're crowing that unemployment fell to 4.5 percent in March, even though many...

Antitrust Under Trump: Monopolies Grow, People Lose

President Trump has nominated Makan Delrahim to head up the Justice Department’s antitrust division. Most recently, the lawyer lobbied for approval of health insurance giant Anthem's effort to acquire health insurance giant Cigna. Bad sign. Scarcely seventy days into...

Trade Is Trump's Biggest Broken Promise

Say anything - literally anything - to sway working-class voters. Get elected, then loot the country. Hey, it worked for this guy. If there was a singular issue Trump campaigned on, it was trade. Everywhere he went, Trump swore the North American Free Trade Agreement...

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