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Real Solutions For Tax Day, Not Bogus Tax Reforms

We are in a time of fantasy proposals from our country's "leaders." What We the People need is real policy proposals to address our real problems. "Tax Reform" Next up on the Trump/billionaire/corporate agenda in Congress is "tax reform." Whenever you hear Republicans...

A Race to the Bottom for Auto Parts Workers

Some states have cut worker safety protections and made it difficult for unions to do their job. They say they do this to attract jobs and businesses. What they are really doing is hurting human beings in their race to the bottom, and the nation is following their...

Trump's Goldman Sachs Vampire Squid Presidency

The things that come out of President Trump's mouth seem to depend on who he talks to or what he sees on TV in the minutes immediately preceding his mouth motion. Based on his recent switchbacks, Trump has been spending a LOT of time talking to the alums of Wall...

Did Trump Attack Syria for Personal Profit?

At any other time, this (fill in the blank) would be the scandal of the decade. Now, with Donald Trump as president, we call it Monday. Thursday evening, Trump attacked Syria, a sovereign country, with 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles. This act of war was done without...

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