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Voters Want Higher Minimum Wages. Why? They Grow Jobs

Last year Maine voters approved an increase in the minimum wage. After this jobs and wages surged. So business groups are trying to do something about it. And not just in Maine. Maine’s Job “Surge” Last year voters approved a Maine ballot initiative...

Did You Vote For Unfair Pay and Unsafe Workplaces?

Who could be against fair pay and safe workplaces? Give you one guess. President Trump just signed a bill, passed by the Republicans in the House and Senate, that repealed President Obama’s Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces executive order. “Fair pay and safe...

Immigration Crackdown Sparks Silicon Valley Protests

The TV show Silicon Valley regularly makes fun of tech companies that promise to “make the world a better place.” Now, Tech Stands Up and Silicon Valley Rising want tech companies to follow through on this promise – starting with their workers....

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