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Elect Working People For Everything

Elect Working People For Everything

The 2022 midterms were full of surprises to many political pundits, analysts, and consultants. A popular narrative predicting a massive Republican wave election turned out to be wrong, with Democrats retaining the U.S. Senate and performing stronger than expected in...

Trump Is No FDR: Public Electricity Proves it

Trump is no FDR, no matter what he claims. To see why, we need look no further than his efforts to dismantle one of FDR’s greatest achievements: public investment in electric power. I live in the Pacific Northwest, where the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) sells...

Preserving Public Lands in Montana and Beyond

Long before the nation got to know Greg Gianforte as a body-slamming, reporter-punching candidate to Congress, I knew the guy was a jerk. Why? Because he sued his own state, Montana, to remove public access to fishing on a public riverbank near his property. He sued...

The Right Doesn't Understand Protesters; Big Surprise

Why would a bunch of protesters show up at the Heritage Foundation to call them out for supporting policies that slash and privatize critical government programs that serve low-income and working-class communities? That seems to be the puzzle perplexing Heritage's...

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