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Move Our Nation Forward In Hope: Vote

Thursday, August 2, 2018 is Primary Election Day in Tennessee. To find out when and where to vote, click here. Tennessee is a national leader – in a race to the bottom. We lead the nation in hospital closures per capita. We have more people working for the minimum...

Hunting Payday Sharks in East Nashville

In the Paleozoic Era, Tennessee was covered by a warm, shallow sea, filled with sharks. The waters receded millions of years ago, but sharks still linger in our state, ready to sink their teeth into your wallet. These modern-day apex predators are called “payday...

Tennessee Dads Ask Senators for a Simple Father's Day Gift

A group of Tennessee dads gathered inside a dimly-lit parking garage on a rainy Nashville day to send a message to their senators, Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander. Their message was simple: this Father's Day, they want their senators to protect Medicaid. The assembled...

Nashville Says "No!" to Trump's Health Care Con

President Trump came to Nashville to peddle the Republicans’ disastrous plan to cut health care for millions of Americans. Tennesseans responded to this con with a resounding, "No!" More than 2,500 of us – organized by a coalition including Tennessee Citizen Action...

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