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What’s At Stake When We Vote This Year

A lot is at stake when we go to vote this year. It’s about restoring our faith in our leaders, but more than that, it’s about restoring our faith in one another. How did we get here? Let’s step back to November, two years ago. For some, that was a vote of privilege –...

Idaho Voters Rise Up Together

I was recently in Washington, D.C., when a woman from Arizona came up to me on the street. She noticed the button I was wearing for our campaign, RiseUp Idaho. “What’s that?” she asked. “It’s about restoring our democracy,” I said, “It’s not about party politics.”  I...

Putting Lawmakers On Notice in Idaho

Idahoans are fed up with lawmakers like Gov. Butch Otter who cave to the interests of deep-pocketed donors rather than than step up to defend quality, affordable health care in our state. Thousands in Idaho fall into what we call the Coverage Gap. These hard-working...

Now Is the Time to Fight for Health Care in Idaho

Every Idahoan deserves quality, affordable health care. That’s the simple truth, and a vast majority in our state believes it. Now we have a chance to come closer to that goal, if our lawmakers will finally stand up and act for the people they say they represent. In...

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