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Jill Richardson

Get Ready For Unnatural Disasters

Donald Trump discusses immigration as if the benefits of residence in the U.S. are a pie. When immigrants get more, the people who were already here get less. Trump is now turning his viewpoint into a self-fulfilling prophecy: He’s using our finite government funds to pay for incarcerating immigrants in detention facilities, which means he’s shifting that money away from other uses that could benefit the American people. In that sense, it’s not immigrants who are taking from us. It’s Trump. For example, disaster relief. Trump’s using over $100 million in federal disaster aid money to pay for detention centers for immigrants — even as hurricane season gets underway. By moving money within the Department of Homeland Security from other areas (the Coast Guard, FEMA, etc.) to pay for beds in detention centers for people who have crossed the border illegally but represent no safety threat to this country, the Trump administration could leave America open to other types of threats instead.Rather than spending tax dollars needed for actual threats to national security on detaining immigrants, we need comprehensive and humane immigration reform that keeps families together. Then we can use our money on what we actually need, like disaster relief.

Trump Bars Dorian Survivors From U.S.

Trump doubles down on not letting Hurricane Dorian refugees in to US. The Independent: "Donald Trump has claimed – without evidence – the Bahamas is full of “very bad gang members”, as he defended a decision not to let survivors of Hurricane Dorian enter the US. A day after survivors of the storm were ordered off a boat from Freeport to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, if they did not have a US visa, and the official death toll on the islands rose to 45, Mr Trump doubled down on a decision not to do more to accommodate those struck by the record-equalling storm. Without providing evidence to back his claim, he said the nation, that was struck by Dorian as it carried winds of 185 mph, had some 'very bad people and some very bad gang members and some very, very bad drug dealers.'"

Federal Court Overrules Trump's Asylum Refusal

Judge reimposes nationwide injunction against Trump’s asylum rules. WaPo: "A federal judge in California on Monday reimposed a nationwide injunction against President Trump’s policy denying asylum to almost all who enter the country after passing through Mexico or a third country. U.S. District Judge Jon S. Tigar of Oakland said the policy could not be implemented anywhere along the southern border while a legal battle over it proceeds. The Trump administration announced on July 16 a change that denies asylum in the United States to those who pass through other countries without seeking asylum there. The Supreme Court is considering a request by the administration to allow the new restriction."

Trump Approval Sinks As Recession Looms

Poll: Trump approval falls as majority of Americans brace for recession. Politico: "President Donald Trump’s job approval rating fell several points in a new survey, while Americans’ fears of a looming recession have escalated and their confidence in Trump’s handling of the economy has sagged. Thirty-eight percent of respondents in an ABC News/Washington Post poll released Tuesday approve of Trump’s performance in office, a drop of 6 points from a peak of 44 percent approval in July. A majority, 56 percent, disapprove of the way Trump is handling his job as president, while six percent have no opinion. Americans’ opinions on Trump’s stewardship of the economy, which his re-election effort plans to emphasize to voters as he battles for a second term, have also diminished, according to the survey."

What Tonight Could Tell Us About 2020

North Carolina faces special election. Politico: "Tonight Republican Dan Bishop and Democrat Dan McCready will finally face off in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District. Nearly $20 million has been spent on this race - McCready has spent $4.7 million, Bishop has spent $1.7 million, and the NRCC and CLF have spent a combined $5.4 million. All the groups involved in this race say the same thing: Internal polling has the two candidates within a few points of each other -- all within the margin of error. As you know by now, this district went for President Trump by a dozen points. Democrats don’t have much business holding this seat. If Democrats win a seat Trump won by a dozen points just three years ago, Republicans could be in trouble, and no amount of spin will be able to cover that up. This isn’t a modestly red seat; it’s a solidly red seat. Combine an embarrassing loss with countless Republicans jumping ship for retirement, and that’s a troubling picture for the House GOP in 2020. Republicans are already complaining about Bishop - they say he was a bad candidate with the baggage of the notorious bathroom bill in the North Carolina legislature. Of course, this is one race in one district in America. (Remember: Republicans lost a whole ton of specials in 2009, and then won the majority.) But narratives matter in politics - and one race can be indicative of future trends.

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