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Ahniah Selene

We Demand Medicare For All Now

I’m Ahniah Selene, and I live in Boise, Idaho. I’m also a proud board member of United Vision for Idaho, part of the People’s Action family of grassroots groups. On this day 54 years ago we won Medicare, which opened the door to the comprehensive health care we all deserve. Then we won the Affordable Care Act, and imperfect as it was, we kept fighting for this bold vision. Medicare is a matter of life or death for me, and so many people around the country. On behalf of UVI, I’d like to say to the people of North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Kansas and Wisconsin, Idaho is with you! Together, we are a People’s Action: we are millions of people who are done begging for piecemeal healthcare, and for Medicaid expansion. We are fighting for Medicare For All. Together, we will win real healthcare in America.

Ahniah Selene is a proud board member of United Vision for Idaho. He sustained spinal cord injury in a terrible accident and now lives happily as a quadriplegic achieving his goals always seated. Foremost among these is comprehensive healthcare, a matter of life and death for him and millions of others. That’s why he’s joining People’s Action members all across the country in a national day of action on July 30, the 54th anniversary of Medicare, to demand Medicare For All.

CLICK HERE, or text HEALTHCARE to 40649 to take action and join this national movement.

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