Lew For Treasury: Some Questions From the People

The job of Treasury secretary is arguably the most important one President Obama will fill in his second term. It’s certainly the choice that will most affect the American people’s […]
Richard Eskow

Why DC Ignores Real Problems And What You Can Do About It

How many real and serious national problems can you list? And how many obvious solutions can you come up with literally off the top of your head? Now an experiment: list how many of them are being worked on by our DC elites or even discussed my our elite media? The answer is none.

Gunning for Mitch

Who knows if this is serious? But McConnell could very well end up with a Tea Party challenger.

"Death Panel" of GOP Governors Refuse Medicaid Expansion

A growing number Republican Governors are refusing to expand their state Medicaid programs. The Supreme Court weakened the Medicaid expansion written into the Affordable Care Act, when it ruled that […]
Terrance Heath

GOP Signaling Weakness

I hope Greg Sargent is right about this. It sure sounds like Boehner and McConnell are hedging to me. If they are,then that means any more "offers" from the Democrats to make a "big deal" are offers the Democrats want to make, not ones they have to make.

GOP Uses Government to Hurt, Not Help

Last week, as Congress opened its new session, two regular Joes – Sen. Manchin of West Virginia and Vice President Biden of Delaware – gave a hand to Sen. Mark […]
Leo Gerard

The Big Squeeze

It turns out, hacking away at government's budget cuts off growth.

A Deficit Hawk Earns His Seat in Heaven

Three public figures associated with the movement to cut government spending – marketed in this country as “deficit reduction” – appeared in the news this week. It was like a […]
Richard Eskow

The House GOP’s Disaster Relief Disaster

After a day or so of public shaming by fellow Republicans like New Jersery Gov. Chris Christie, and New York Rep. Peter King (R, N.Y. 3), House Republican leadership managed […]
Terrance Heath

How We Get Jobs Back On The Table

Overlooked in the aftermath of the “fiscal cliff” deal and the questions about what spending cuts may be around the corner, was this part of President’s Obama statement following the […]
Bill Scher

Red State Leadership

When I read David’s post about the intransigence of the Confederate rump of the Republican Party, I thought of this tweet from the other night: Buzzy: @reptomprice told WMAL this […]

Budget Bedlam: Common Sense in the Madhouse

Washington is careening off the fiscal cliff smack into the debt ceiling.  These mind-numbing mixed metaphors are not the currency of a well-governed nation. Once more, Washington is fixated on […]
Robert Borosage

The "Fiscal Cliff" Deal in Black, Brown, And White

Now that the "fiscal cliff" deal has gone down, we have a couple of months to argue over the "winners" and "losers" before the country is dragged into the next of DC's.
Terrance Heath

So Can We Focus On Jobs NOW?

Congress and the media paid homage to the agenda of the billionaires and Wall Street, with the manufactured "fiscal cliff" PR campaign frenzy that just ended. So now can we get back to the country's priorities? Can we talk about jobs now?

An Ugly Deal

Early this morning, the Senate passed the fiscal cliff deal by 89-8, a margin virtually guaranteeing that it will survive in the House.
Robert Borosage
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