Mitt Romney: Magic Man

"I’m gonna float like a butterfly and sting like a bee; George can’t hit what his hands can’t see; Now you see me, now you don’t; He thinks he will, but I know he won’t.
Leo Gerard

Casey Mulligan: Wrong Again on Minimum Wage

In yet another attack on the minimum wage, New York Times Economix blogger Casey Mulligan argues that the failure of part-time employment to continue to increase at the end of 2009 is proof that the July 2009 minimum wage increase prevented 800,000 part-time jobs from being created.
Anne Thompson

You Don’t Know Jack

The Bureau of Labor Statistics was created in 1884 by Chester Alan Arthur -- and now Jack Welch wants to see its birth certificate.
Richard Eskow

We’ve Had Austerity Lite Whether We Want To Admit It Or Not

I've been detecting quite a bit of smug, self aggrandizement coming from certain Democratic quarters about the brilliance of the stimulus and how it deftly avoided all the problems that Europe and the UK are facing with their harsh austerity programs.

Walmart Workers Strike

Walmart warehouse workers have been staging strikes, now workers at some stores are joining in. This morning in Pico Rivera, California, Walmart workers staged a one-day work stoppage, saying there has been retaliation against them for trying to organize a union.

The Etch-a-Sketch Debate

After last night’s tiresome presidential debate, President Obama’s supporters were replete with what Groucho Marks used to call “departee” – suggestions on what the president should have said. That’s a pretty good indicator about how the debate turned out.
Robert Borosage

The Real Incumbent In Tonight’s Debate Is “The Plutocracy”

The conventional wisdom says that when a President runs for re-election the race becomes a referendum on the economy. Unemployment's still at record highs, poverty has soared, and middle-class Americans are struggling to stay afloat. And yet the President has a commanding lead in the polls.
Richard Eskow

It’s Time to Debate Home Opportunity

For months I’ve been part of a chorus of voices calling on the presidential candidates to talk about home opportunity.
Alan Jenkins

Unraveling The Romney/Bain Tax Story

The complicated story of how the 1%ers and their corporations evade democracy's taxes is the story of our crumbling schools and infrastructure and the flow of all the gains of our economy to a very few at the top.

Why Conservatives Have Lost “The Real Referendum”

In his most recent column, Paul Krugman makes a convincing case that the "real referendum" in this election isn't about President Obama's (real or imagined) economic policies, but about the "the legacy of the New D
Terrance Heath

Conservative Obstruction Cost Us 2 Million Jobs So Far This Year

In the wake of an anemic jobs report that his Republican challengers are laying at his feet, President Obama could rightly respond that if he could have signed into law a jobs plan along the lines of what the House Progressive Caucus has proposed for the past two years, we would likely see 2 million...
Isaiah J. Poole

The Only Grand Bargain We Need Is A Grand Bargain On Jobs

The August job numbers -- a disappointing 96,000 net new jobs for the month – only reinforce the need for greater action on jobs. At this rate, new job creation is not sufficient to cover the people coming into the jobs market.
Robert Borosage

Bernanke’s Wake Up Call: It’s a Jobs Cliff

Last week, Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke announced a dramatic new commitment of the Fed to keep long term interest rates low in the hope of boosting employment and economic growth.
Robert Borosage

Austerity Is The New Greek Tragedy

In my previous post this morning, I noted that the U.S. is starting to look a lot like Greece, at least in terms of austerity-driven suicides.
Terrance Heath
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