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There were fourteen arrests today community supporters of the Sensata workers marched on the facility to demand a meeting with the manager of the plant. Arrested include Rev. Jesse Jackson, Bishop Tavis Grant, Rockford Alderman Victory Bell-Rockford, local community members, and three Sensata workers. Labor union representatives from Illinois were also arrested.

Local station has this report, Jesse Jackson Arrested for Sensata Protest,

Today at Freeport’s Sensata Technologies plant, civil rights leader, Reverend Jesse Jackson returned to rally with with soon-to-be out of work employees.

Jackson spent most of the afternoon in "Bainport”, the make-shift campsite that's been home to Sensata employees and their supporters for the last 40 days. Things took a turn around 4:00 p.m. when Jackson and about a dozen workers decided to march onto company property, before being arrested by police.

… “When these workers lose their jobs, they lose their homes, they lose their cars. Their kids cannot stay in school, they lose their hope. We are fighting for the integrity of the American worker, we're fighting for an even playing field,” said Jackson.

Earlier today Sensata workers filed a complaint with the NLRB over retaliation threats by the company. The company threatened to immediately close the plant if workers didn't stop protesting and organizing. The NLRB complaint was filed because threats like this are illegal.

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