What the Bain Debate is Really About

The 2012 presidential election may go down as one of the strangest political seasons in recent memory, for the simple reason that the influence of the financial sector in politics, policy and the economy has caused Republicans to sound like Democrats and Democrat to sound like Republicans — usuall...
Terrance Heath

Workers of the World Unite – with Shareholders

At Citigroup, shareholders had their say on CEO pay -- and they yelled, "No damn way!" Concerted action by shareholders, workers and public interest groups compelled corporate change in several other cases this spring as well. At least three CEOs resigned.
Leo Gerard

Workers of the World Unite — with Shareholders

At Citigroup, shareholders had their say on CEO pay -- and they yelled, "No damn way!" Concerted action by shareholders, workers and public interest groups compelled corporate change in several other cases this spring as well. At least three CEOs resigned.
Leo Gerard

Et Tu Cory Booker

False equivalence of the day: Appearing on NBC’s “Meet The Press” on Sunday, Newark Mayor and Obama bundler Cory Booker said he was “uncomfortable” with the Obama campaign’s attacks on Mitt Romney’s career with Bain Capital.

Facebook and Tahrir Square Revisited

Facebook's initial public offering last week 'offered' the world another double dose of windfalls and greed. But Egypt's elections this week may bring an IPO of a different sort, the 'initial public offering' of an antidote to avarice.

Will Conservatives Support American Companies … or Chinese?

Which is better for an economy: millions of future jobs and trillions of future dollars, or a few people making a quick buck today by selling out their country? For decades America's 1%-backed conservatives have chosen the latter course, and we can see the results all around us.

We Had Money In The Federal Budget For What

From the House Republicans whose leader, Speaker John Boehner, just three days ago claimed that "we can’t go on spending money we don’t have," and "our economy is stuck in large part because it’s stuck with debt,"
Isaiah J. Poole

Austerian Pride

Yesterday I posted (twice!) a Think Progress chart proving that the government under president Obama had pursued austerity policies.

Romney The Right & The Bully Economy

My first reaction to the now-famous Washington Post story of how an 18-year-old Mitt Romney bullied and assaulted a fellow student at the prestigious Cranbrook School was personal. The story is well known by now.
Terrance Heath

Nasty Say-Anything Republican Campaign Coming

There is a news report that yet another right-wing billionaire is going to spend even more millions to run even more poisonous, divisive, racist, degrading, insulting, lying, character-assassination ads designed to turn people against government and democracy.

Crusade of a Lifetime

I mentioned the annual Pete Peterson Poor People Ritual Sacrifice confab earlier, but this piece about the man's material devotion to his cause by Ryan Grim is a must-read:

No More Excuses on Relief to American Homeowners

One by one, the excuses have fallen. Yet Edward DeMarco, acting head of FHFA, the agency that runs Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, still fails to offer the most effective relief available to American homeowners struggling with mortgages held by those entities.
Alan Jenkins

Jamie Dimons JPMorgan Chase Why Its the Scandal of Our Time

Most observers are missing the point. When CEO Jamie Dimon announced that JPMorgan Chase had incurred at least $2 billion in losses from risky, unsecured, derivatives-types trading, it uncovered the scandal of our time once and for all.
Richard Eskow

Tell Congress End Too-Big-To-Fail Make Banking SAFE

JPMorgan Chase’s $2 billion bad bet has made it crystal clear: The Wall Street banksters are still recklessly gambling with government-guaranteed money. And the too-big-to-fail banks are still too big.
Isaiah J. Poole

OK Suppose They GET Their ‘Grand Bargain’

Suppose the "deficit hawk" plan unfolds just as it is being presented -- right after the election and before those we elect can take office, the Congress meets and hammers out a "grand bargain" to "reform" taxes and cut back on government and the things democracy does for We, the People.

Show Peter Peterson We Reject His Elite Austerity Consensus

On Tuesday, May 15, one of America's wealthiest men, Peter G. Peterson, will use his foundation's money to lecture the rest of us about why the federal deficit is the most serious problem facing our country.
Roger Hickey

How To Fix The Deficit

The public is demanding jobs, jobs, jobs so DC's wizards and geniuses are gathered at a "Fiscal Summit" -- put on by a hedge-fund billionaire -- to not talk about jobs.

Fiscal Summit Smooth Words Deadly Agenda

The Peter G. Peterson Fiscal Summit started today with the dulcet tones of its billionaire conservative patron, Peter G. Peterson, and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner singing in harmony. It was a melody fraught with danger.
Isaiah J. Poole

Why We Have A Deficit

Deficit theater is coming to DC tomorrow, with a well-funded "fiscal summit." The plot summary is that we have Deficit Trouble - Right Here In River City! so to fix it we need to cut Social Security and Medica

What’s It All About Romney

“What's it all about, Romney? Is it just for the moment we live? What's it all about when you sort it out, Romney? Are we meant to take more than we give.
Leo Gerard

Ritual Humiliation 101

This is an interesting post about Romney's high school years as a bully ringleader and what it say about him today:

Will CEO Pay Excess Outlast Our Shareholder Spring

A string of surprising 'say on pay' votes has some executive pay critics sensing an impending revolution in corporate boardrooms. But that 'revolution' won't amount to much until mainstream CEO pay reformers start factoring worker pay into the corporate compensation equation.

Teacher Depreciation Week

It was Teacher Appreciation Week this week. Unfortunately, someone forgot the appreciation part. President Obama, for one, kicked off the week by proclaiming that from now on the week would also (instead?) be forever known as National Charter Schools Week.
Jeff Bryant

Watch 99 Spring Call Out Verizon (Video)

Last week I wrote about the 99% Spring movement coming to Huntsville to protest the greed of Verizon, a company making billions and tripling its CEO's pay while demanding givebacks from its workers.

Meet The Maria Leavey Tribute Award Finalists Lee Slaughter

The five finalists for the Sixth Annual Maria Leavey Tribute Award have been announced, honoring the person in the progressive movement whose behind-the-scenes work and selfless service has made an invaluable contribution to social justice.
Bill Scher
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