Pentagon Spending Spree Doesn’t Buy Us Safety

Are you wondering where your tax dollars are going? Then take a look at the $642.5 billion stuffed into the National Defense Authorization Act, which the House of Representatives recently approved.

Is Right to Work Next on Walkers Agenda

Many are wondering if making Wisconsin a "Right to Work" state is next on Governor Scott Walker's agenda if he wins the recall election on June 5.
Mary Bottari

Social Distance And The Tyranny Of Personal Experience

I wrote a bit about the Chris Hayes flap over a Mother Jones earlier. I think he was perfectly respectful and thoughtful as always and that his point was well taken. But his apology opened up a new topic that I think is worth exploring:

When Leaders Are Led To Lead

When I read about the recent polls indicating a huge shift among African-Americans towards supporting same-sex marriage — a Public Policy Polling survey showing that 57% of African Americans s
Terrance Heath

Chris Hayes I Am Truly Sorry

By the time you read this, we should be at the 25th hour of what is, even though it shouldn't be, one of those 24-hour stories, namely Chris Hayes' comment about our country's casual use of the word "hero" for all of our military personnel and the knee-jerk right-wing blowback.
Isaiah J. Poole

Raiding Opportunity

The ink’s barely dry on the historic settlement of “robo-signing” and other abusive foreclosure practices by five big banks.
Alan Jenkins

Romney Economics Cheat Main Street

Mitt Romney made a boatload of money for himself and his fellow fat cats. No doubt about it. Billions. But he made it the way Americans hate most – Wall Street style wheeling and dealing.
Leo Gerard

The Most Surprising Nay on Pay Yet

A perfectly respectable business panel is urging corporate boards to ditch the ridiculous rationalizations for CEO pay excess and narrow the gargantuan corporate pay gap. Step one: end CEO stock options.

Why Do We Have Corporations

This spring the spirit of the Occupy Wall Street movement arrived at corporate shareholder meetings, with the 99% Power coalition demanding decent corporate governance that serves the interests of We, the People rather than just a few people.

Romney Obama Vie For Who Can Hurt Education The Worst

In this week's round in the nation's presidential contest, education got tossed into the ring and slapped around by the opposing candidates and their spokespeople. Who won the round is anyone's guess, but poor education got mauled in the process and tossed into the spit bucket.
Jeff Bryant

Dont Give Up The High Ground In The Tax Fairness Fight

The gauntlet has been thrown down in the tax fairness fight. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor earlier today announced that House Republicans will schedule a vote before the August recess on making the Bush tax cuts permanent for everyone, including the rich and super-rich.
Isaiah J. Poole

Florida Right-Wingers Erect Barriers To Unemployment Claims

Thursday's reports that unemployment claims are edging downward take on a slightly different cast after reading a complaint filed with the Labor Department detailing how a new Florida law is hindering unemploy
Isaiah J. Poole

The GOPs Played-Out Race Card

Melissa Harris-Perry will be a featured speaker at the Take Back the American Dream conference, convening June 18 to 20 in Washington, DC, as part of the plenary session, "2012 and Beyond: Victory Necessary, Not Sufficient." The following is an excerpt of an article

GOP takeover The Randroid Generation

One thing about Ayn Rand's influence is that, for the most part, it tends to wane as people grow up and wise up. But until they do, they tend to be insufferably single minded and painfully aggressive about it. So, does this seem like a good idea?

Build Me Up Buttercup Republicans Are NUTS

I have "Build Me Up Buttercup" stuck in my head and I think I figured it out. President Obama is coming to Redwood City today (and I am fleeing, heading to Seattle to cover tomorrow's Amazon shareholder meeting.) Look at the marquee at the downtown Fox Theater:

More Solar Not Less

Van Jones will be a featured speaker at the Take Back the American Dream conference, convening June 18 to 20 in Washington, DC.

The Case Against Tax Breaks for Private Equity

I wanted to wait a few days before commenting on Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s spontaneous criticism of Barack Obama for picking on Mitt Romney's experience at Bain Capital. Booker doesn’t know much of anything about private equity, but many financial services donors have his ear.

10 Reasons To be Suspicious About Wall Streets Facebook Fiasco

Three of Wall Street biggest and best-known financial institutions handled the Facebook IPO, so why were people immediately suspicious when the stock soared and then promptly tanked? Easy answer: Because three of Wall Street biggest and best-known financial institutions handled the Facebook IPO.
Richard Eskow
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