Stephen King Says Tax Me for F@&’s Sake

Finally, someone's giving NJ governor Chris Christie (whom fellow blogger Richard Eskow rightly dubbed, "The Heartless, Smug, Bullying Embodiment Of The Republican Party") as good as he dishes out.
Terrance Heath

Voting Begins For This Years Unsung Progressive Hero

Two Occupy movement volunteers, a Chicago community organizer, an Atlanta health care activist and a crusader against "prison-based gerrymandering" have been nominated for the annual Maria Leavey Tribute Award, which honors an unsung progressive hero.
Isaiah J. Poole

Drowning in Dirty Money

People who follow politics often reach the conclusion that average Americans are kind of dopey and don't really understand what's going on.

Burden of Proof Geithner Obama and Wall Street’s Unpunished Crimes

Forgery. Perjury. Investor fraud. Bribery. Money laundering. The body of evidence against individuals at the nation’s biggest banks is overwhelming. Nothing speaks louder about the banks’ guilt than this evidence - nothing, that is, except the billions they’ve paid to settle the charges.
Richard Eskow

Senate Turns Down Anti-NLRB Resolution

Tuesday the Senate voted 54 to 45 to reject a resolution disapproving of the NLRB decision to speed up union elections. The new rules take effect Monday. This is a victory for working people.

Romney Through The Eyes of Newt

It comes to us all, eventually: that epiphanic, "come to Jesus moment" when the light of day finally penetrates our cloud of delusion, and undeniable reality slaps us hard across the face. That moment finally came for Newt Gingrich, who annouced that he will suspend his bid for the presidency.
Terrance Heath

Keystone Progressive Victories In Pennsylvania

Two incumbent blue-dog Democrats were defeated in House primary races Tuesday night, in a sign that progressives are finding ways to successfully counter the corporate corruption in both political parties.
Isaiah J. Poole

Romneys Big Lie

Mitt Romney opened the general election campaign last night in Manchester, New Hampshire, using his acceptance speech to unleash a fierce attack on Barack Obama's "false promises and failed leadership."
Robert Borosage

Student-Debt Free At Last

When I graduated from high school, my parents expected that I would go to college.
Terrance Heath

Dont Let Congress Kick College Grads In The Teeth

Here’s the real debt crisis: student loan debt. Today, the average student graduates from college with a diploma and an anchor — $25,000 of debt. And if Congress doesn’t act, student loan interest rates will double on July 1.
Robert Borosage

Medicare and Social Security Fact vs Myth

In the coming days and weeks we'll be hearing a lot of misinformation about the Trustees Report from the Social Security Administration. It's time to separate the myths from the realities: Myth: "Social Security and Medicare have a cost problem."
Richard Eskow

We Need Bold Steps To Make College Affordable

The White House has ramped up its efforts this week for congressional action to prevent interest rates on the Stafford federal college loan program, now at 3.4 percent, from doubling on July 1.
Isaiah J. Poole

Snapshots of Austerity Desperation

When Greek prime minister Lucas Papademos, in his statement concerning the austerity-driven suicide of 77-year-old pensioner Dimitris Christoulas, called on Greeks to "support those next to us who stand in despair," he either missed or ignored the same point that austerity boosters here at home blit...
Terrance Heath

Social Security and Medicare Behind the Numbers and the Spin

Here are some headlines you won't see after the government releases new figures on Social Security and Medicare later today: "Social Security Trust Fund Even Larger Than It Was Last Year" "Growing Wealth Inequity Will Lead to Social Security Imbalance Later This Century" "For-Profit Healthcare Poses...
Richard Eskow

We Will Not Be Moved

In 2009, I was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. It’s been tough, but I’m a three-year survivor. I was also born with cerebral palsy and use a wheelchair for mobility.

The Public Eventually Catches Up

"You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time." This quote shows how far the Rep

Demand The White House Answer Us Will You Save Underwater Homeowners

If enough of us demand it, we can get the White House to answer a simple question: Will you or will you not stand with underwater homeowners and push for principal reductions—even if it means pushing aside the agency chief who is opposing that remedy?
Isaiah J. Poole
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