Workers Demand To Be Heard Before Senate Minimum Wage Vote

The march to the Capitol was organized by National People’s Action, the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United and the National Domestic Workers Alliance. It capped a week of "pro-equality populism"
Richard Long
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CEO Pay Soars As Worker Pay Stagnates

The AFL-CIO has released this year’s 2014 Executive PayWatch at, a “comprehensive searchable online database tracking the excessive pay of CEOs of the nation’s largest companies.”

GOP Budget: The Anti-Robin Hood Spending Plan

Rep. Paul Ryan, who authored the House's anti-Robin Hood spending plan, said the budget “comes down to a matter of trust.” Trust, he believes, should be placed in the rich and D.C. politicians like him, a Prince John man.
Leo Gerard
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Citi to Help Unemployed Youth? Oh, The Irony!

If Citi and its peers hadn’t committed their fraud, America’s young people – along with millions of other Americans – wouldn’t need employment assistance today.
Richard Eskow
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Even As Jobs Numbers Seem Better…

Pay is really low, and employment practices make companies "look awesome on paper" even as they "wreak havoc on the lives and incomes of workers" as well as the overall economy.

Wage Theft Is Much More Common Than You Think

A recent poll found that nine out of ten fast-food workers report having wages stolen from them. Keep in mind that these are people already paid only at or near the way-too-low minimum wage. Here's what we can do.

The March Jobs Report: Nothing Moving

The March jobs report is more of the same. Slow growth, not nearly enough to make a dent in mass unemployment. Congress continues to dig potholes that slow growth. Americans are paying a harsh price for folly.
Robert Borosage
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Why We Need A 10.4 Million Jobs Plan

Creating jobs is our most immediate priority. We could create 4.6 million right away by passing the Progressive Caucus "Better Off Budget" and another 5.8 million by confronting currency manipulation.

House Democrats Attack “Fantasy Land” Ryan Budget

“This budget chooses to protect tax breaks and special interests at the expense of education, kids, the social safety net, and seniors,” said ranking Budget Committee member Chris Van Hollen.
Derek Pugh
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Time To Tell Paul Ryan To Stop His April Foolishness

The latest proposal from the House Budget Committee chairman is less April Fool's joke and more cruel hoax. This budget – and more importantly, the values and priorities that it enshrines – must be challenged.
Isaiah J. Poole
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The Minimum Wage Fight Is A Fight For Women

Millions of women are the backbone of the services sector yet struggle to provide the basics for their families. Here's how they would benefit from a $10.10 minimum wage.
Isaiah J. Poole
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Beware Anything Called Corporate Tax “Reform”

You should pay attention because there is big money involved — really, really big money that could be used for roads, courts, schools, health care and all the other things government does to make our economy and our lives better.

February Jobs Report: We’re Going Nowhere Fast

The February jobs report is more of the same: an economy that is not growing fast enough to put Americans back to work or to provide any lift to wages. This isn't due to the weather; it is due to the perversity of politicians.
Robert Borosage
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Transportation Funding Search Could Go Off Track

There are danger signs that an effort to open up more money for better roads and public transportation will reward the corporate tax-dodging the administration and a majority of Americans want to eliminate.
Isaiah J. Poole
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Keep The Heat On The Senate To Renew Jobless Benefits

Senators – particularly Republicans – need to be flooded with calls this afternoon and Monday from members of the public who say, "End the stalling. Vote to reinstate emergency jobless benefits now."
Isaiah J. Poole
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Don’t Even Talk About Cuts

Democrats won the shutdown fight. Republicans lost and the public hates them and their ideas. Here is a guiding message Democrats should use from here on out: Jobs help the economy. Cuts hurt the economy.

Dear Congress – Stop This Manufactured Crisis

Forty-one organizations, representing millions of Americans, are united in asking Congress to stand against those who would "hold our economy hostage in order to dictate the terms of the debate."
Roger Hickey
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Common Sense for the Manufactured Budget Crisis

Republicans are gearing up once more to hold the nation hostage over the budget. As the melodrama and posturing rev up, here is a common-sense field guide for the self-inflicted crisis.
Robert Borosage
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Why D.C. Mayor’s Veto Of Walmart Wage Bill Is A National Outrage

The veto is the latest in a nationwide battle to end the practices of companies such as Walmart that build their businesses on the backs of workers receiving poverty wages and on the backs of taxpayers who subsidize their businesses.
Isaiah J. Poole
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Recovery for the Rich, Recession for the Rest

Five years after the financial crisis, it’s become increasingly apparent that the government didn’t rescue “the economy.” It rescued the wealthy, while doing far too little for everyone else.
Recovery for the Rich, Recession for the Rest
Richard Eskow
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Stand With Detroit, Stand With Cities

"Stand With Detroit" is about standing up to the conservative bullies in Congress and the states who have launched a sustained attack against cities and the programs that support their economic vitality.
Isaiah J. Poole
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