The Cost of Empire, in Ukraine and At Home

At a time when so many Americans are struggling economically, our nation continues to pay a steep price for its global empire – and in more ways than one. Case in point: The delay in a vote on renewing emergency jobless benefits.
Richard Eskow
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Ryan and Christie Get Earfuls At Town Halls

It's been a rough week for two of the GOP's leading lights. Tumultuous town halls showed that two of conservatism's biggest stars, Paul Ryan and Chris Christie, may be crashing to earth, and taking the GOP’s 2016 hopes with them.
Ryan and Christie Get Earfuls At Town Halls
Terrance Heath
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Wingnut Week In Review: March Madness

March Madness is upon us, in more ways than one. We know that right-wingers will howl with outrage over anything President Obama does. So it's no surprise that conservatives are freaking out over President Obama's March Madness picks.
Terrance Heath
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The Useful Idiots Of The Corporate Elite

There are a whole lot of useful idiots in America. Yesterday, a caller called into my radio show, and echoed Congressman Paul Ryan’s recent comments, blaming the black community for poverty in America.

The Plutocrats Take To The Barricades

The plutocrats are taking to the barricades against the new populism. They are demanding that politicians offer them not merely hidden tax breaks, but public tribute. Their arrogance is fueling the populism they fear.
The Plutocrats Take To The Barricades
Robert Borosage
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Moral Mondays Goes Down to Georgia

Today the Moral Mondays movement brought its brand of righteous progressivism to the Georgia state capitol, to demand accountability and better lives for Georgians.
Terrance Heath
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Beware Of The “Sneak Laws”

There are tons of "sneak laws" written to benefit a few key corporations or billionaires. These laws limit competition, provide subsidies, give tax breaks – you name it. But they never help regular people.

Wingnut Week In Review: Living for the “Inner City”

This week Rep. Paul Ryan took the cake. After debuting his embarrassing copy-and-paste job on the war on poverty last week, Ryan outdid himself with a clumsy bit of dog whistle politics blaming black “inner city culture” for poverty.
Terrance Heath
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Paul Ryan Gets it Twisted on Poverty And Black Men

Rep. Paul Ryan has become the latest right-winger to blame black poverty on "culture" and character. Just as he got it backwards on families and poverty, Paul Ryan gets it twisted on poverty and black black men.
Terrance Heath
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Chris Christie: The GOP’s Celebrity Bully

New Jersey governor Chris Christie's George Washington Bridge scandal confirms the worst concerns about his leadership, and the soul of the GOP that until recently seemed ready to embrace him as its best hope for 2016.
Chris Christie: The GOP’s Celebrity Bully
Terrance Heath
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They’d Rather Die Than Be Wrong About Obamacare

It doesn't matter if they'll save money and get better coverage; they just know they're going to die. These people simply put their fingers in their ears and sing "lalalalala."
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“Shut Up!” – Really, GOP?

President Obama’s budget wasn’t actually dead on arrival last week. But Republicans knew it would speak to the hopes and dreams of everyday Americans. So they tried choking it.
Leo Gerard
  • 22

A Serious Party Takes Climate Seriously

When Sen. Ted Cruz wanted to talk to the nation about health care, he read "Green Eggs and Ham." When 30 senators seized the Senate floor last night for an all-night talk-a-thon about climate change, they delivered the facts.
Bill Scher
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Wingnut Week in Review: Benghazi on the Brain

This week, the world watched as Ukrainians threw out their Russian-puppet president, and Russian president Vladimir Putin prepared to invade. Conservatives, naturally, have decided that it’s all President Obama’s fault.
Terrance Heath
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Paul Ryan Gets It Backwards On Families and Poverty

In his latest attack on the poor, Rep. Paul Ryan repeats the old conservative trope that the “breakdown of the family” is the main cause of poverty. Ryan has it backwards.
Terrance Heath
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The Tea Party Just Turned Five — and It’s Not Going Away

Some date the advent of the tea party to 2007, when Ron Paul held a “tax day tea party” fundraiser to fill his campaign coffers. But the broader movement began five years ago last week — shortly after Barack Obama was sworn into office
Joshua Holland
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Rights Only for the Right People

According to the GOP, some Americans are sub-citizens who don’t deserve rights equal to those enjoyed by, well, the right-wing. Republicans think they’re right, and anyone who disagrees doesn’t deserve rights.
Leo Gerard
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Wingnut Week in Review: The Rise And Fall of Gay Jim Crow

When the week began, Arizona governor Jan Brewer thought she had all the time in the world to decide whether or not to veto Arizona’s “Gay Jim Crow” bill. By the middle of the week, Brewer learned differently. Conservatives lost it.
Terrance Heath
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Tax Reform: Republicans Abandon Their Own Ship

When Republican Rep. Dave Camp released a comprehensive tax reform plan, Republicans ran for the exits. They worry about the details that offend corporate lobbies. We should worry about the assumptions that offend common sense.
Robert Borosage
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A Death Cult Run By Billionaires

Right wing ideologues are no long just preaching their beliefs and trying to persuade people to go along. They know they cannot allow facts and knowledge to be shared with the public or the results of their handiwork will be obvious to all.
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Wingnut Week In Review: Another One Bites The Dust

It's been another rough week on the right. A high-profile GOP governor, and potential 2016 presidential contender could be brought low by a trove of scandalous emails. And it's not Chris Christie.
Terrance Heath
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House of Cads: Netflix Show Plays Ransom Drama With Taxpayers

A show about rough Washington politics gets rough in real life, demanding that Maryland taxpayers fork over more subsidies or else it will move its filming operation to the state that will allow the biggest tax ripoff.
Isaiah J. Poole
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Playing Politics with People’s Lives

Another rural Georgia hospital is closing its doors as that state continues to block the Medicaid expansion. It's time for Republicans to expand Medicaid in every state, and stop playing politics with people's lives.

No Pill’s Gonna Cure GOP ill

No pill’s gonna cure Republicans’ ill. They got a bad case of hating Barack Obama. So bad that they’re intent on taking health insurance from millions of Americans in an attempt to wound the President.
Leo Gerard
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