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It’s 3:00am. Do you know what your presidential candidate is doing? Apparently, Donald Trump was up at 3:00am on Twitter, directing his supporters to check out an alleged sex tape. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Donald Trump, candidate for slut shame and smut peddler in chief.

And he wasn’t done yet, either.

By now, everyone is familiar with the story. Donald Trump was seemingly blindsided when Hillary Clinton brought up how, as the owner of the Miss Universe pageant, Donald Trump publicly humiliated the new Miss Universe — former Miss Venezuela, Alicia Machado — when she gained weight after winning the title. Trump forced her to workout in front of a horde of media, and answer questions about her weight.


Trump was stunned, and asked “Where did you get this?” It’s no secret. Trump’s treatment of Alicia Machado, back in 1997, when she gained weight after winning Miss Universe, is a matter of record.


Machado smiled, laughed, and talked very little as the two men — Trump and her personal trainer, talked about Machado and her weight like she wasn’t even there. Machado, who was about 9 lbs. low a healthy weight when she won the title, returned to a healthy weight after the title. Machado said she cried and pleaded with Trump not to make her do the press conference, but he bullied her into it. She wasn’t the only one either. Another Miss Universe contestant said Trump fat-shamed her. Former Miss Australia, Jodie Seal, said Trump told her to “suck your gut in,” and called the other contestants "some pretty horrible names.

Hillary Clinton baited the trap on Monday night. Trump took the bait, and has been stewing over it since, because it was undeniable. Finally, four days later, it bubbled over on Twitter. Clinton, in fact, tweeted her response to Trump’s Twitter tirade.

What kind of man indeed. How will he behave as president?

For what it’s worth, Machado isn’t backing down. Meanwhile, Latinos are stepping up to register to vote.

Donald Trump The Loser

It was bad enough watching Donald Trump bluster and sniffle his way to losing his first presidential debate with Hillary Clinton. To hear Trump demanding that his own allies stop saying he lost, almost makes you feel sorry for him. Almost.

After Monday night’s presidential debate, the verdict was swift and unanimous. Hillary Clinton bested the bully. While everyone was wondering which Donald Trump would show up for this debate, Clinton stuck to one absolute certainty about her unpredictable opponent: there is only one Donald Trump. He does not “pivot,” at least not for long. He can read a TelePrompTer well enough for one speech, but he quickly reverts to type; blustering and bullying his way through the campaign, or responding to every perceived slight via Twitter.

All Clinton had to do was keep her cool and get under Trump’s skin a little. She did, and it worked almost too well. Nobody knows that better than Trump’s own allies and advisors.


Trump’s immediate shift into damage control was pathetic. He claimed that moderator Lester Holt gave him “bad questions.” He even complained that his mic didn’t work. But the most pathetic damage control was absolutely that Trump has to demand that his own allies stop saying he lost the debate.

Getting Personal

Even when he tries to prove that he’s keeping things classy, Donald Trump can’t stay out of the gutter. Almost immediately after the debate, Trump congratulated himself for not going after Bill Clinton’s alleged infidelities. Never mind that in doing so he mentioned Bill Clinton’s alleged infidelities.


That’s rich, coming from a guy who started dating his second wife while still married to his first, and even assumed another identity when he bragged to the media about his affairs. Even Rudy Giuliani and Newt Gingrich got in on the act, two guys who know a thing or two about affairs.

Alabama Chief Justice Suspended

Some people never learn. Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore was removed from office in 2003, for refusing to take down a Ten Commandments monument at the state Supreme Court building. In 2015, in an effort to prevent same-sex marriages in Alabama, Moore ordered probate judges not to issue same-sex licenses to same-sex couples, in defiance of a federal injunction. More argued that the Supreme Court’s Obergefell v. Hodges decision only overturned same-sex marriage bans in the states explicitly challenged in the case, of which Alabama was not one.

Now, Moore has been punished again. The state’s Court of the Judiciary ruled unanimously to suspend Moore without pay for the remainder of his term.


Hannity Goes Off On Media

Fox News host Sean Hannity went off on journalists who called the debate for Hillary Clinton. Hannity cited incredibly inaccurate online polls that claimed Trump won the debate. Hannity claimed that professional journaalists “with their fine wine lifestyles” just couldn’t understand the problems of “real Americans.”


Alt-Right Cat Fight

Looks like someone is about to get a taste of his own medicine as a fight breaks out between Donald Trump’s alt-right supporters. Daily Stormer founder Andrew Anglin plans to confront alt-right media persona Milo Yiannopoulos, because the Breitbart tech editor and famous troll is part Jewish.

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