High Unemployment Used To Be A National Emergency

In Does Washington care about unemployment? economist Brad DeLong asks the question, In 1983, Ronald Reagan’s Washington regarded high unemployment as a national emergency. Today, with unemployment kissing 10 percent, […]

Why the Deficit Dominates DC Thinking

Washington politicians are convinced that the public is demanding cuts in spending, even over creating jobs and restoring the economy. This pressure comes because much of the public believes that […]

Car Dealers and Consumer Protections

Richard (RJ) Eskow wrote a couple of days ago, in Traded-In: These “Used” Senators Sold Out The Troops For Auto Dealer Cash You know why Americans place car salespeople at […]

100% Pure Wall Street Astroturf

Astroturf is the term for manufacturing an artificial appearance of grassroots concern about an issue. The idea is to pump a bunch of money into a PR campaign that makes […]

China Dialogue – No Currency Agreement

The US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue has concluded. It is remarkable for two countries to engage in a dialog such as this, and efforts like this to constructively manage differences […]

Week Of Action on Jobs

On the one side there are millions of people needing jobs and millions more “underemployed,” the economy is still mired in a very, very slow recovery that is a recovery […]

Stop China’s Cheating

Monday the U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue (S&ED) begins in Beijing. (See the Treasury Dept fact sheet on the S&ED.) Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner […]

Congress FAILs On Jobs AGAIN!

It is hard to imagine out here in the real world, but there seem to be people in the Congress who think they can get (or deserve to be) re-elected […]

We Need Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. And Jobs.

Things are good for the plutocrats. Stock market soaring, bonuses are big… Thinks are going mighty fine. So fine, in fact, that the urgency of extending unemployment, COBRA and programs […]

China’s Stimulus Payoff

Yesterday I compared China’s stimulus plan with our own. China made a major investment in public infrastructure but a key strategic part of that was that they focused on developing […]

Lessons From China’s Stimulus

China and the United States have both engaged in economic stimulus plans. This provides an opportunity to compare, and hopefully to learn. China’s stimulus brought them through the economic crisis, […]

China Currency Hearing

This morning I watched a live webcast of a Senate hearing, titled, Senate Banking Subcommittee on Economic Policy to Examine Effect of China Currency Practices on American Manufacturing. The details […]

Action Urged On China Trade Practices

The Alliance for American Manufacturing is a partnership of manufacturers like US Steel and their workers, represented by the United Steelworkers. They have sent a letter asking Commerce Secretary Locke […]
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