Why Do We Have Corporations

This spring the spirit of the Occupy Wall Street movement arrived at corporate shareholder meetings, with the 99% Power coalition demanding decent corporate governance that serves the interests of We, the People rather than just a few people.

Build Me Up Buttercup Republicans Are NUTS

I have "Build Me Up Buttercup" stuck in my head and I think I figured it out. President Obama is coming to Redwood City today (and I am fleeing, heading to Seattle to cover tomorrow's Amazon shareholder meeting.) Look at the marquee at the downtown Fox Theater:

Will Conservatives Support American Companies … or Chinese?

Which is better for an economy: millions of future jobs and trillions of future dollars, or a few people making a quick buck today by selling out their country? For decades America's 1%-backed conservatives have chosen the latter course, and we can see the results all around us.

Nasty Say-Anything Republican Campaign Coming

There is a news report that yet another right-wing billionaire is going to spend even more millions to run even more poisonous, divisive, racist, degrading, insulting, lying, character-assassination ads designed to turn people against government and democracy.

OK Suppose They GET Their ‘Grand Bargain’

Suppose the "deficit hawk" plan unfolds just as it is being presented -- right after the election and before those we elect can take office, the Congress meets and hammers out a "grand bargain" to "reform" taxes and cut back on government and the things democracy does for We, the People.

How To Fix The Deficit

The public is demanding jobs, jobs, jobs so DC's wizards and geniuses are gathered at a "Fiscal Summit" -- put on by a hedge-fund billionaire -- to not talk about jobs.

Why We Have A Deficit

Deficit theater is coming to DC tomorrow, with a well-funded "fiscal summit." The plot summary is that we have Deficit Trouble - Right Here In River City! so to fix it we need to cut Social Security and Medica

Watch 99 Spring Call Out Verizon (Video)

Last week I wrote about the 99% Spring movement coming to Huntsville to protest the greed of Verizon, a company making billions and tripling its CEO's pay while demanding givebacks from its workers.

Republican Noise Machine Accuses President Of Politicizing 9-11

The full Republican media "noise" machine is rising up in a full-scale "hissy fit" because the President pointed out that Osama bin Laden was killed a year ago, under his watch. They are pretending to be absolutely outraged, accusing the President of politicizing the killing of bin Laden.

Senate Turns Down Anti-NLRB Resolution

Tuesday the Senate voted 54 to 45 to reject a resolution disapproving of the NLRB decision to speed up union elections. The new rules take effect Monday. This is a victory for working people.

The Public Eventually Catches Up

"You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time." This quote shows how far the Rep

99 Spring Shareholder Meeting Protests Begin

The 99% Spring movement is starting to make itself heard at corporate shareholder meetings around the country. And next week it really gets started and will be big. (I'll be reporting from the GE shareholder meeting next week in Detroit.)


Good Lord, what is the matter with people? There are millions of jobs that need doing, and millions of unemployed. How hard is it to figure out what to do?
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