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There’s No Turning Back New York’s Wave Of Justice

A blue wave surged across New York State last November, as voters went to the ballot box to demand true progressives represent them in Albany. This unprecedented voter turnout helped create an undeniable Democratic majority in our state legislature for the first time...

The Fight Has Just Begun For Health Care In Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s Republican lawmakers proudly turned their backs on the people of the Badger State when they voted against expanding health coverage to 82,000 people yesterday. But at Citizen Action of Wisconsin, we’re not turning back. We’ll keep fighting until every...

AOC Smashes The Overton Window

Hillary Clinton, with her focus group-tested moderation, may have failed to break the glass ceiling. But Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, with her fearlessness, outspokenness, and mastery of social media has broken another piece of metaphorical glass – The Overton Window...

How Unapologetic Progressives Won Big in Chicago

On a Wednesday evening in February, Marta Popadiak, the organizing director for People’s Lobby and Reclaim Chicago, was busy making phone calls to voters in Chicago’s 33rd ward for left-wing Chicago City Council candidate Rossana Rodriguez. With each call, she asked...

Putting Billionaires in Their Place

A good chunk of the American people, our super rich now understand, would rather billionaires not exist. Our more pugnacious plutocrats have greeted this growing anti-billionaire perspective with predictable right-wing scorn. But some daring conservatives are using the successes of Scandinavian nations — egalitarian pace-setters like Sweden and Norway —to rationalize grand private fortunes. These nations, they point out, actually have more billionaires per capita than the United States. How can that be? The story behind the numbers.

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