On Wall Street, Sounds of Silence From the President

How did Tuesday night’s State of the Union speech resonate on Wall Street? Sometimes the old saying is literally true: Silence is golden. Perhaps that’s not surprising. But the nation deserved better.
Richard Eskow

The Best of the Worst GOP State of the Union Responses

How Many Republicans does it take to respond to the State of the Union address? The flurry of GOP responses to the State of the union reflect both the party’s disarray and the growing distance between the GOP and the majority of Americans.
Terrance Heath

On Key Progressive Policies, Obama Has A Mandate

The latest polling shows President Obama wins, and Democrats in Congress will win, with a progressive populist economic agenda. And they need not shy away from highlighting Republican obstruction and wrong-headed priorities.
Isaiah J. Poole

The State of the Union: Give America A Raise

The president's State of the Union address drew clear lines against Republican obstruction. But the president also suggested that the economic crisis was behind us. He'll have a hard time selling that.
The State of the Union:  Give America A Raise
Robert Borosage

The State of the Union Address: A People’s Scorecard

Here are keys to look for in tonight's State of the Union speech. Does the president tell the people the truth? Does he indict Republicans for the economy? Does he drive issues that unite Democrats or issues that divide them?
Robert Borosage