U.S.-China Trade and Jobs: It’s All A Matter Of Perspective

In a New York Times Economix blog post, David Barboza suggests that things are looking better in U.S.-China trade because America's exports to the People's Republic are increasing. Barboza cites a U.S.-China Business Council study that
Steven Capozzola

Why The Latest Trade Complaint Against China Matters

The Obama administration has filed a trade complaint against China for violations involving "extensive" government subsidies for autos and auto parts. From Reuters, at HuffPo: Barack Obama: China Auto Subsidies 'Directly Harm Working Men And Women',

Sensata: The Reason Romney’s Wrong for America

Every day President Obama reads and responds to letters from citizens. This illustrates his basic philosophy: people first. By contrast, for Mitt Romney, profit is the priority.
Leo Gerard

Welcome to the RomneyZone: Foreign Policy’s Economic Home Front

In tonight's foreign policy debate, Mitt Romney will say that the way to get jobs back from China is with more free trade and lower taxes. But China's Communist. It already has tougher trade restrictions and higher taxes than we do. How, exactly, will more tax cuts help us compete?
Richard Eskow

Romney’s Inaction On China Speaks Louder Than Words

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been all bluster and no action on China's cheating on trade, Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan said today, and the proof is in a bill that would address China's cheating that is currently languishing in the House despite broad, bipartisan support.
Isaiah J. Poole

Positive Bipartisan Surprise: House Vote On ‘Make It In America’ Strategy

At least one moderately good thing is coming out of the ideological sewer that is the House of Representatives these days: legislation that will require the executive branch to develop "a strategy to promote growth, sustainability, and competitiveness in the Nation's manufacturing sector."
Isaiah J. Poole

The Old Dawg Can Still Hunt

The old dawg can still hunt. At the top of his game, gaining energy from the crowd, Bill Clinton, the “old country boy from Arkansas” tore it up last night in Charlotte. Political junkies, pundits of all stripes, and Democratic activists were agog, watching the maestro at work.
Robert Borosage

One Damning Report

It’s a damning report because it says America has endangered itself by allowing both its manufacturing sector and its infrastructure – like dams, roads and bridges -- to deteriorate.
Leo Gerard

Reviving and Strengthening U.S. Manufacturing

Following is the talk I gave to the Take Back the American Dream conference panel, Making It In America: Reviving and Strengthening U.S. Manufacturing. You have undoubtedly heard the numbers, almost all of them bad.

We Got Your Jobs Bills Right Here

While on vacation last week, I came across a CNN analysis that asked an important question, especially in light of Friday’s jobs numbers: Where are the jobs bills?
Terrance Heath

A Pledge To 1% of America

It's almost a shame that Americans are paying very little attention to the GOP's "Pledge To America.
Terrance Heath

A Populace Pink Slimed

A trio of governors and a duo of lieutenant governors last week dined on pink slime burgers and pronounced them mouth-wateringly-delicious-and-nutritious as TV cameras rolled on their barbeque in a Nebraska factory that manufactures the stuff. Shoppers have reacted somewhat d
Leo Gerard

Should Be Made In America!

We need to rebuild our country, and we need to do it with steel and supplies that are made in America. It actually costs taxpayers more to "save money" by outsourcing then it saves because of the "safety net" costs from lost jobs and factories.
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