The Stupid Runs Strong When It Comes To Obamacare Hysteria

That they voted 46 times to repeal it, and shutdown the government to delay it should make the Republicans reluctant to pretend they are worried about how the Obamacare website is working. But shameless is their name and hypocrisy is their game.

Stop The TPP

The Trans Pacific Partnership could have a dramatic impact on the American people, yet we're being kept in the dark about what it contains. Thankfully, some groups are standing up for our right to know the details of this trade deal.

The GOP: Still “Letting Them Die”

Republicans are still targeting the Affordable Care Act, but their answer to the problems health care reform is already solving for millions of Americans hasn't changed much from that infamous audience response at the September 2011 GOP presidential debate.
Terrance Heath

Today’s Villager Wisdom

Ruth Marcus fills us in on what constitutes "reasonable" now that the Republicans have proven themselves asses with their government shutdown. And, you guessed it, it's time for Democrats to compromise and agree to cut "entitlements."

It’s All Over, Until Next Time

Remember in 2009, when Jim DeMint said health care reform would be President Obama's Waterloo? Four years later, defunding health care reform became the GOP's Alamo. But Republicans aren't done damaging their party, or the rest of the country, yet.
Terrance Heath

The Moustache Of (Mis)Understanding Strikes Again

This Thomas Friedman column is so bad,you have to read the whole thing to experience the full horror of it. It reads like something the messaging shop at Fix the Debt put together to sound like Thomas Friedman.

End Game: John Boehner Doesn’t Even Have to Cave

Seven days into a government shutdown, and 9 days away from a potentially catastrophic breach of the nation’s debt limit, and the question everyone is asking is: who will blink first?
Joshua Holland

A Revolutionary Change Of Revolutionaries

Whatever happens with the current shutdown and various hostage negotiations, the fundamental definition of the Republicans as the de facto competent party --- the proverbial grown-ups --- has probably finally been shattered.

Testing GOP Resolve

Sorting out the allegedly "moderate" GOP Senators is a good place to start the week. The dynamic may very well be different from the House, where certain Republicans hate the shutdown, but aren't rushing to end it. Let's test this in the senate too.

Forget About the Tourists, Worry About the Workers

The government shutdown is revealing how easily distracted we are by shiny objects. Tourist sites are important, but they fail to capture the economic pain that ordinary Americans, and especially the poor, will feel if the shutdown drags on.
Joshua Holland

Even In Shutdown, TPP Still Troubles

The government might be shut down, but the Trans-Pacific Partnership is still rolling toward us. House and Senate Democrats are getting worried. Many U.S. industries are now getting worried, too.

What Do They Really Want, Part XXIV

Remember when we all assumed that sequestration could never hold and they'd just have to pull the plug and negotiate a reasonable budget when the going got tough? Yeah, that's worked out for us.

No Social Dumping: A Plan To Make Trade Fair

The idea is to penalize countries and companies that try to win a competitive advantage in the marketplace by paying subpar wages, allowing unsafe working conditions or escaping compliance with environmental regulations.
Isaiah J. Poole

This Is Not A Compromise.

Over the weekend, House Republicans approved a so-called compromise to avoid a government shutdown. However, their idea of negotiation was nothing more than ridiculous, right-wing demands they included in the continuing resolution.

Chasing That White Whale Let Loose A Terrible Monster

Negotiating with Republicans the way parents negotiate with tantruming children in the grocery store, by giving them a candy bar, is no longer operative in light of the GOP's absurd "wish list."

Wingnut Lovefest

What Cruz is doing is building a grassroots donor base. If he can pick up a few looney tunes billionaires,he could make a good run at it. He can't win, but it's never a good idea to allow anyone this extreme anywhere near real power.

Ted Cruz’s Fake Filibuster

On Tuesday, Senator Ted Cruz took the floor of the Senate to launch a pre-arranged, all-night fake filibuster. There was no way it would stop the Senate from voting on a continuing resolution to fund the government.

Why You Should ‘Flush the TPP’

A largely anonymous group of officials late last week wanted their work on the Trans-Pacific Partnership – often described as "NAFTA on steroids" – out of the spotlight. But a small group of activists put a spotlight on the negotiations.
Isaiah J. Poole

Dealing With Obamacare Hysteria

I thought I understood the right. But this meltdown over a very tepid health care reform that keeps the system fully in the hands of the private insurance companies just floors me. We are watching behavior so absurdly over-the-top that it's downright

What Happens To The GOP When White Is No Longer The Norm?

Republicans have painted themselves into a corner by appealing to racial fears and stoking the racial resentments of their base. Staying in that corner is a one-way ticket to political irrelevance. Getting out of it is going to be messy.
Terrance Heath

House Republicans Take Aim At The Hungry.

House Republicans want to slash the food stamp program by nearly $40 billion dollars. While the drastic cuts proposed by the House would never be approved by Senate, they show just how little some lawmakers care about their fellow Americans.

Stop Playing Games With Food Stamps

Apparently some Republicans now think it's a "moral hazard" to feed the poor. It's bad enough that Republicans are proposing $40 billion in cuts to food stamps, but call it a moral act beggars belief.
Terrance Heath

Tea Party vs The Kochs?

Of course the Tea Partiers are a blight on American politics. But the Big Money influence of people like the Kochs and the Adelsons is truly antithetical to American democracy and it's at the root of our biggest problems.

AFL-CIO To Fight “Trade” Deals Like TPP

What would you expect if the giant corporations negotiated a treaty among themselves, without labor, environmental, consumer and other groups that represent the interests of anything besides corporate profit?

The Un-American Way

The United States is negotiating a NAFTA-style trade deal that should be alarming to American consumers. The main reason it’s not getting much attention is that the mainstream media is largely ignoring it.

Tea Party – Doubling Down On Stupid

Heritage Foundation president Jim DeMint says the uninsured will get better care by "going to the emergency room." It's hard to believe that anybody's out there making the case for using the emergency room, but there you have it.
Tea Party – Doubling Down On Stupid

Defining Terrorism Down

Apparently, in the eyes of the UK government, anyone living with a journalist whose stories reveal embarrassing information about the government are subject to interrogation and the seizure of their electronic equipment under terrorism laws.
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