Sen. Merkley Blasts Too Big to Jail Policy on Big Banks

Senator Jeff Merkley, one of the handful of independent stalwarts on bank reform, today blasted the Attorney General for the Justice Department’s apparent policy of giving big bankers a “get […]
Robert Borosage

The Grand Betrayal

The following was originally published in The Nation. With the election behind us, President Obama and the lame-duck Congress return to Washington to face a fiscal showdown, occasioned by automatic […]
Robert Borosage

A Nation In Progress

In the words of the old spiritual, “My Lord, what a morning!” Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign was defined by an iconic poster bearing the single word: “Change.” Obama’s victory in […]
Terrance Heath

Make Paul Ryan Own His Budget … And Its Consequences

Robert Reich has some excellent advice for Vice President Joe Biden, regarding his debate we VP wannabe Rep. Paul Ryan: Don't debate the earnest, affable Paul Ryan who's likely to show up tonight. Debate the right-wing Randian behind those blue eyes.
Terrance Heath

Why Conservatives Have Lost “The Real Referendum”

In his most recent column, Paul Krugman makes a convincing case that the "real referendum" in this election isn't about President Obama's (real or imagined) economic policies, but about the "the legacy of the New D
Terrance Heath

The Two Things Elizabeth Warren Needs To Do

This week's Public Policy Polling poll showing Republican Sen. Scott Brown opening up a 5-point lead over Consumer Financial Protection Bureau architect Elizabeth Warren will certainly be a wake-up call to her campaign and her supporters. But will she, and we, draw the right lessons?
Bill Scher

The Walker Recall

That Gov. Scott Walker survived the recall in Wisconsin is a tragic setback for the stunning citizen’s movement that challenged his extremist agenda in Wisconsin. Its implications are likely to be exaggerated by the right, and underplayed by progressives. Here are some thoughts on its meaning.
Robert Borosage

Workers of the World Unite — with Shareholders

At Citigroup, shareholders had their say on CEO pay -- and they yelled, "No damn way!" Concerted action by shareholders, workers and public interest groups compelled corporate change in several other cases this spring as well. At least three CEOs resigned.
Leo Gerard

Tell Congress End Too-Big-To-Fail Make Banking SAFE

JPMorgan Chase’s $2 billion bad bet has made it crystal clear: The Wall Street banksters are still recklessly gambling with government-guaranteed money. And the too-big-to-fail banks are still too big.
Isaiah J. Poole

Will CEO Pay Excess Outlast Our Shareholder Spring

A string of surprising 'say on pay' votes has some executive pay critics sensing an impending revolution in corporate boardrooms. But that 'revolution' won't amount to much until mainstream CEO pay reformers start factoring worker pay into the corporate compensation equation.

Ryan Budget A Loser In Republican Battlegrounds

House Republicans can call their budget a "Path to Prosperity" all they want, but as far as the American Majority is concerned, it's a path to political defeat for the politicians who support it—if progressives make the right arguments in favor of an alternative that grows the economy and protects...
Isaiah J. Poole

Romney-Santorum Really Just A One-Man Race Anyway

So it's down to Romney vs Santorum now. But when when it comes to the 1% it’s really just a one-man race. The difference between Romney and Santorum is that while Romney’s policies benefit only the 1%, Santorum’s policies only benefit the 1%.

How Power Suits Subvert the Law of the Land

Lawmakers make laws. They don't enforce them. Corporate America understands that difference — and exploits it with a relentless regularity. The latest case in point: the battle over outrageous CEO pay.

Stress Testing Tim Geithner

Thanks to Occupy Wall Street, in the State of the Union this week President Obama struck some of his most populist themes yet.
Mary Bottari

Recess Appointments Backlash to Blackmail

In America, when gangs of bullies torment school children, pushing them around and extorting their lunch money, parents know only one response effectively counters the abuse: confrontation.
Leo Gerard

Mitt or Santorum It Hardly Matters

Don't get too distracted by the fissures in the Republican electorate revealed in Tuesday night's Iowa caucus vote. On basic economic issues, in fact, the candidates are remarkably united; there's hardly eight votes worth of difference between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum.
Isaiah J. Poole

Break Up Bank of America Before it Breaks Us

On Monday, Bank of America (BofA) stocks briefly traded for under $5. Yes, you could buy a share of BofA for less than the noxious debit card fee they tried […]
Mary Bottari

Newt v Mitt Whats The Difference

With one month to go before the Iowa caucuses, the debate among Republican primary voters for the moment is between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. It would be premature to […]
Bill Scher

Its Not About Cordray

It seems ages ago (Doesn’t it?) that progressives were pushing hard to get Elizabeth Warren appointed to head her brainchild, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. We know how that worked […]
Terrance Heath

Move Your Money Moved 50 Million; Goal Is 1 Billion

The New Bottom Line, one of the organizations leading the “move your money” movement and the national “Bank Transfer Day” on Saturday, announced today that nearly $50 million had been […]
Isaiah J. Poole

The 99 Seek a Just Economy Not Just an Economy

Republicans jammed together a mess of old, failed and vague schemes and called it a jobs bill. Sen. John McCain conceded the reason for the rehash: “Part of it is […]
Leo Gerard

Can a Movement Save the American Dream

Co-written with Katrina vanden Heuvel. Originally published at The Nation. On October 3 activists from across the country will gather in Washington at the Take Back the American Dream conference, […]
Robert Borosage

Nurses to Obama Heal America Tax Wall Street

Janesville, WI — As President Obama gets ready for his big jobs speech Thursday, America’s nurses have a message for him. “Heal America, Tax Wall Street!” the signs read as […]
Mary Bottari

We Cant Cut Our Way To Prosperity

The following is an oped published in USA Today, rebutting the paper’s editorial stance against additional stimulus. You can read the editorial board’s case here. Twenty-five million people are in […]
Robert Borosage
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